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T. Graham Brown and Jimmy Fortune Concert in Pigeon Forge

Country music setting with cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and guitarFrom rolling in the aisles comedy skits to powerful gospel, classic country hits, and dynamic dancing, this multimillion dollar theater Country Tonite delivers spectacular shows sure to create fun, everlasting memories. Speaking of spectacular shows, two great artists, T. Graham Brown and Jimmy Fortune concert in Pigeon Forge will be performing June 14, 2013 at the Country Tonite Theater. These popular singers will be belting out tunes that will fill the night with fun and nostalgia.

Sit back and enjoy the one and only T. Graham Brown and his hits such as “I Tell It Like It Used To Be” and “Wine Into Water”. Rising to country stardom, Brown started out dappling in everything from beach music to old-time rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and commercial jingles. In 1986 Brown found himself in the country music genre and released his debut album, “I Tell It Like It Used to Be”, and has never looked back. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this legendary country singer in person.

Not to be out done, Jimmy Fortune will be performing his greatest hits as well. Sit back and listen to favorites like “My Only Love” and “Too Much On My Heart” while your mind takes a trip back in time. Touring with The Statler Brothers for 21 years, Jimmy Fortune has gained a place in country history that won’t be forgotten. Now enjoying his solo career singing, writing and co-writing hits such as “Forever” and “More Than A Name On a Wall”, Jimmy Fortune is a must see.

With its beginnings based out of the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Country Tonite Show is now in its 17th season and currently makes its home in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Country Tonite Pigeon Forge Show is considered to be top notch entertainment perfectly suitable for the entire family. With its separation from other Country Tonite Theaters in 2000, the Pigeon Forge Country Tonite Show offers visitors an exceptional experience not to be forgotten.
The Country Tonite Show is back and better than ever this year and promises unforgettable performances. From new production numbers and choreography to the best lighting effects and costumes, Country Tonite is sure to go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. Don’t just come for the T. Graham Brown and Jimmy Fortune concert, affordable tickets make Country Tonite Shows possible for every occasion and of course for no occasion at all.