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See the History of the Skies in the Smoky Mountains

You know, man’s ability to fly is really amazing; no, not like Spiderman, but the whole process of putting a contraption in the air and sustaining it there until we’re ready to land it. Imagine how difficult that was for the pioneers in aviation, without our modern technology to help them. If you are fascinated by flight and especially military planes, there’s a place in Sevierville you need to see.

The Tennessee
Museum of Aviation
is a 50,000 square foot facility that houses some
amazing planes. Warbirds that are
airworthy make up the majority of the collection, with some that have been
restored and some awaiting their turn to be returned to their former glory. The
exhibits change frequently, so you never know what you might see there. Often
there are touring historic aircraft, stopping over on their way to another show
or museum. There is a 52-foot wall that traces the history of aviation, a faith
and courage exhibit that shows the role of chaplains in the military since WWII
and thousands of artifacts to see.


As far as aircraft, MIG, Saberjet, Sikorsky,
Beechcraft, and Mustang can all be found, along with replicas and cockpit
sections. They are always looking for volunteers to help with displays, or you
can become a member to help offset the costs of restoration. There is a gift
shop and they can accommodate large groups, including reunions. So check out
the Tennessee Museum of Aviation and learn more about our history in the wild
blue yonder.