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Fightin’ Fussin’ and Feudin’ in Pigeon Forge

Of all the feuds in this country’s history (red state/blue state, Coke/Pepsi, grapes in chicken salad/no grapes in chicken salad), perhaps none is more famous than the Hatfields and McCoys disagreement. This interstate spat began during the Civil War and while it didn’t last past the turn of the century, it made its way into the folklore of the nation. And now, if you visit Pigeon Forge, you can get involved in this fight, complete with a tasty meal, singing and dancing.

The Hatfield
& McCoy Dinner Feud
is one of the newer dinner shows in the Smoky
Mountains. As soon as you get there, you are assigned to one of the sides. The
plot of the show is loosely based on the West Virginia-Kentucky quarrel, but it’s
been cleaned up for the family. In fact, both sides are winners, as it should
be in a show with comedy, singing, dancing and national champion cloggers.


Granny has been in the kitchen since dawn, working
on the fried chicken, barbeque, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, slaw and
more. They’ve also got all sorts of mountain-themed goodies to peruse before
and after the show. For instance, you can see the live barnyard animals, the
world’s largest moonshine still that is not in operation, even have a seat in a
talking outhouse. Yes, you read that right, a talking outhouse. The Hatfield
& McCoy Dinner Feud certainly offers family fun with a twist on an American