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Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in Gatlinburg TN.

Gatlinburg Taffy: Find Out How It’s Made

For over 50 years, Gatlinburg taffy has been a go-to treat for visitors and locals alike. If you’ve ever been to Gatlinburg, you’ve probably walked by the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen and watched taffy being made right from the store windows.

The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is the oldest and most popular candy shop in Gatlinburg. They’ve been perfecting the art of pulling, rolling and wrapping taffy for decades. They’re the only candy shop that makes all of their treats completely homemade – and some of them are made right in front of your eyes … including the most iconic Gatlinburg taffy.

The Travel Channel recently visited Gatlinburg and stopped in to find out how taffy was made. Take a look at their video to see the process below:

First, the standard recipe for all taffy flavors is prepared and cooked, then it’s pulled for about 10-15 minutes before flavor is added. Once the flavoring is added, it’s removed from the puller and placed on the taffy roller where each piece of taffy is shaped, cut and wrapped.

At the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen, taffy can be created at about 80 pieces per minute and a single batch can make about 1,200 pieces!

The Largest Variety of Gatlinburg Taffy Flavors

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen offers the largest selection of Gatlinburg taffy flavors, ranging from their classic chocolate to fruity peach. Here’s a few of the flavors you can expect to see:

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Key Lime

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Moonshine Flavors: Apple Pie, Blackberry, Cherry, White Lightnin’
Peanut Butter

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Sour Apple Taffy
Sour Cherry Taffy
Sour Raspberry Taffy
Wild Cherry

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History of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen was founded in 1950 by a couple who was traveling to California. They just happened to make a stop in Gatlinburg and they fell in love with the area with a vision to create a candy shop where visitors could see all the candy made from the windows.

It didn’t take long for the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen to draw a crowd, so they installed patio seats outside where visitors could stop and watch the candy being made. Since the beginning, they’ve sold their taffy by the piece or by the box full. Although most people can’t leave with only 1 piece of their delicious Gatlinburg taffy, you can still buy it one piece at a time.

If you can’t make it to Gatlinburg soon, you can buy their taffy and treats online, so be sure to take a look at their online Gatlinburg taffy selection to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Which Gatlinburg taffy flavor would you buy? Tell us in the comments below!