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Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen
Stars Unique Experience

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen was founded in 1950 by Dave and Peggy Dych. The couple was traveling to California to seek their fortune, and stopped for a visit in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The young couple immediately recognized the potential of Gatlinburg as a growing motor tourist destination. They envisioned a visually entertaining main street business, serving the tourists with wholesome homemade candies. The Candy was made in full view of the passing motor and walking public. Candy makers, dressed in white uniforms, stirred large copper kettles while feeding taffy into hypnotic machines. This drew a crowd on the patio outside the windows where seats were installed. The candy was displayed behind glass cases and sold in any quantity requested. Gatlinburg has flourished as a motor tourist destination and Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is still serving the tourists wholesome homemade candy in the original way - one piece or a box full.

Contact: (865) 436-4886
Marker744 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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