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Dollywood sign in the summer

Your Ultimate Dollywood Vacation Guide: Everything You Need to Know

As one of the top theme parks in the country, you’re going to want to make a trip to Dollywood during your visit to the Smoky Mountains! With all the incredible rides, food, and entertainment you see as soon as you walk in the park, you might not know where to start. To help you out, we’ve made a guide to the best rides, food, and entertainment — including tips and tricks for your visit! Here is your ultimate Dollywood vacation guide:

Dollywood Rides

Dollywood offers more than 40 world class rides for visitors to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for a thrill or something more family friendly, you’ll be able to find fun rides at the theme park. Here are some of the top rides at the park:

Wild Eagle at DollywoodWild Eagle: This ride is America’s first wing coaster and is a favorite among guests because of the unique experience it offers! The coaster places riders on either side of the track so that there is nothing but air above and below you. It’s definitely something that the thrill-seekers will enjoy!

Tennessee Tornado: Tennessee Tornado is a triple spiral-looping coaster that takes you down a 128-foot drop through a mountain, reaching speeds close to 70 miles per hour! It’s another ride for someone who wants a thrill.

Daredevil Falls: For a fun water ride, try Daredevil Falls! This one-of-a-kind boat expedition features a waterfall and a 60-foot drop at 50 miles per hour.

Whistle Punk Chaser: This junior coaster is perfect for families! It has just enough twists and turns to keep you excited, but not enough so the kids can’t enjoy it.

dollywood firechaser express rideFireChaser Express: This is the nation’s first dual-launch family coaster! Hold on tight as you’re blasted forward and backward. It’s a ride that the whole family will love.

Dollywood Express: If you’ve never ridden the Dollywood Express before, this should definitely be on your list of things to do at the park. The train takes you on a breathtaking 5-mile journey through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains

Dollywood Food

When you visit Dollywood, you’re sure to work up quite the appetite enjoying everything it has to offer. Luckily, there are plenty of great places to eat! While you have to be sure to try some of the world-famous cinnamon bread from The Grist Mill before you leave, there are delicious restaurants in the park as well! Here are some of the best do dine at:

front porch cafe restaurant at dollywoodFront Porch Cafe: Dolly Parton fans love dining at Front Porch Cafe! This restaurant features some of her favorite meals when visiting the park, along with some seasonal specials.

Jukebox Junction Food Truck: In the mood for a simple meal that includes some of your favorite comfort foods? This is the place to go! The food truck serves a variety of gourmet macaroni and cheese options, like Pulled Pork and Bacon Mac, and Chicken and Broccoli Mac!

Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse: Miss Lillian is one of Dollywood’s most famous characters, and you can meet her outside of her all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. You’ll find fried chicken, roast beef, smoked chicken, and more at this restaurant.

Aunt Granny's restaurant at dollywoodAunt Granny’s Restaurant: If you have a big appetite, visit Aunt Granny’s Restaurant, which lets you sample a little bit of everything, no matter what you’re in the mood for! Enjoy everything from fried fish to cornbread and biscuits. And don’t forget dessert!

Lumber Jack’s Pizza: You can never go wrong with pizza! Lumber Jack’s Pizza is a restaurant the whole family will love, offering personal pan pizzas, salads, and pasta.

Dollywood Shows

Dollywood is home to some award-winning entertainment! Throughout the Dollywood season, visitors can enjoy a variety of performances, from shows to concerts. Here are some of the best you can see at Dollywood:

Two bald eagles in a nest.Wings of America Birds of Prey: This show gives you an up-close look at some amazing birds of prey and even teaches you interesting facts about them. All of the birds at Dollywood are under the care of the American Eagle Foundation.

Heartsong: This is a multi-sensory film experience during which Dolly takes guests on a breathtaking journey through the Smoky Mountains as she shares her story.

It’s a Wonderful Life: During the Christmas season, enjoy this holiday story about love and generosity. Dollywood brings the Christmas classic to life!

Parade of Many Colors: Also a part of Dollywood’s Christmas celebration is the Parade on Many Colors. It includes floats, interactive characters, and so many other surprises that guests always love!

Dollywood Ticket Information

Dollywood entrance signNow that you know all the best things to do at Dollywood, we bet you’re wondering about tickets! Dollywood offers 1-day tickets, 2-day tickets, and 3-day tickets, making it possible for you to fit in as much fun in your trip as you can! With the 2 and 3 day tickets, you can use them any days you want within a 5-day period. If you plan to visit multiple times throughout the year, consider purchasing a season pass! The season pass pays for itself in less than 2 visits. For more information on tickets, read our blog, “5 Things You Really Need to Know About Dollywood Ticket Prices.”

Tips for Visiting Dollywood

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been multiple times, it’s always helpful to get some insider tips to maximize your experience. Here are some of the most helpful tips for Dollywood visitors:

Measure the kids when you first arrive. If you’re visiting with kids, visit Centralized Measuring when you enter the park to measure the children for a color-coded wristband. The wristband will help identify which rides they can and cannot do at the park.

Drop Line at DollywoodStart on the left side of the park. Most people go right when they enter Dollywood. If you go left and work your way around the park, you’ll be walking downhill most of the day, and it’s usually less crowded — especially early in the day. You’ll also get to all the roller coasters first!

Plan ahead for water rides. If you want to ride water rides, do those when you first get to the park. Wear your water shoes and bring tennis shoes to put in a locker. You can ride all the water rides you want before changing into your tennis shoes and won’t have to worry about walking around in wet socks or shoes!

Consider refillable drinks and snacks. If you plan on purchasing drinks and snacks while you’re at the park, the best deal is to buy the refillable souvenir cups and popcorn buckets. This will end up saving you a lot of money!

Get Your Dollywood Tickets Today

Now that you know all the best rides, food, and entertainment at Dollywood, you’re ready to visit! When you purchase your tickets through Visit My Smokies, you’ll receive free cancellation up to a certain date. Get your Dollywood tickets today and get excited for a fun time at the park!