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Alex Stokes’ Gatlinburg Comedy Tours: The Most Fun Way to See the City

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore The Strip, you can’t beat Alex Stokes’ Gatlinburg Comedy Tours! As a native of Sevier County and a nationally touring standup comedian, Stokes is uniquely qualified to show visitors all of the best spots in downtown Gatlinburg, TN. Offering the perfect mix of insider knowledge and humor, this awesome tour will have you laughing all the way down the Parkway. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Gatlinburg Comedy Tours.

About Gatlinburg Comedy Tours

Alex Stokes’ Gatlinburg Comedy Tours allow visitors to explore the town in a fun and different way. There are two basic tours to choose from: the Family-Friendly Tour and the 21 and Up Tour. During both of the tours, guests will learn everything they need to know about the town, from restaurants to attractions. There will also be games for both kids and adults along the tours! Stokes has also partnered with businesses in the area to bring his guests on his tours amazing prizes! You won’t want to miss the chance to take a Gatlinburg Comedy Tour while you’re in town. Learn more about each of the Gatlinburg Comedy Tours below:

A family walking through The Village in downtown Gatlinburg.Family Friendly Gatlinburg Comedy Tour

The Family Friendly Gatlinburg Comedy Tour is a 90-minute walking tour through the heart of the city. Alex will take your group to the major landmarks in downtown Gatlinburg and to some of the area’s very best shops and restaurants. Along the way, Stokes will tell some hilarious stories and joke around with his guests. There won’t be any slapstick comedy (at least not intentionally), but Alex’s banter is sure to keep you entertained.

All of the humor in the Family Friendly Gatlinburg Comedy Tour is kid-friendly and PG-rated. The tour is open to guests of all ages, and young children are welcome.

Participants in the tour will enjoy free food and drink samples at many of the locations along the route. Everyone who signs up for the tour will also receive a complimentary discount card that can be used at lots of the stops.

21 and Up Gatlinburg Comedy Tour

Alex runs 21 and Up Tours with more mature jokes, which are great for bachelor or bachelorette parties. These tours typically last around 2 hours and are similar to pub crawls but focus on the city’s local flavors. If you’re looking to have fun without any kids in tow, this tour is for you! Just like the Family Friendly Tour, each person will get discounts that can be used at any time, some even up to 30% off.

Signing Up for a Gatlinburg Comedy Tour

To make reservations for one of Alex’s upcoming tours, visit the official Gatlinburg Comedy Tours website. The face value on the tickets is $40. To celebrate all the new additions to the tours though, ticket prices often drop to $15!

About Alex Stokes

Alex Stokes jumped headfirst into the world of comedy after performing at his first open mic night in Knoxville, TN about 8 years ago. Leaving behind a 14-year career as an investment broker and banker, Stokes began touring the country as a stand-up comedian, making stops at the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles and clubs in New York. Rather than moving to the big city like many other stand-ups, Alex decided to stay true to his roots and hone his comedy in Gatlinburg TN.

Stokes has authored five books: Messing With Tourists: Stupid Answers to Stupid QuestionsMessing With Tourists 2: Here We Go Again!, Messing With Tourists 3: Candy Bears and Awkward Stares, 5 Years Of This? Husband. Father. Comedian. My Story, and The City Bear In The Smokies (a children’s book). Messing With Tourists 3 is coming out late June of 2019 and continues sharing some of the crazy conversations that Alex has with tourists.

In addition to owning and operating Gatlinburg Comedy Tours, Stokes also teaches stand up comedy at the University of Tennessee.

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