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Grow U: Dollywood Giving Employees an Amazing Opportunity

Dolly Parton and her theme parks are known for doing their part to give back to the Smoky Mountain community. Now, the company is going to extend the helping hand to its employees. It was announced by Dollywood Parks and Resorts that it will cover 100 percent of fees for any employee who chooses to further their educational career. Here are all the details of the Grow U campaign and how it will change the lives of many people:

The Details

Under Herschend Enterprises’ new program, “Grow U”, all employees of the theme park will be able to further their education at absolutely no cost to them. This includes picking up the price for tuition, fees, and books for those who want to go back to school. The initiative will begin on February 24th and applies to all seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees. Another unique thing about this program is that employees will be eligible from day one of employment. In recent weeks, the theme park has been advertising hiring opportunities for the upcoming season, which begins on March 12th.

Additional Employee Perks

Victoria's Pizza This is not the first time that the theme park has shown its reputation for caring for its employees. Along with the upcoming tuition benefit, all employees also have access to the Dollywood Family Healthcare Center. This center is located at the park and is there to care for employees who need to be seen by a physician and do not have their own family doctor. All workers also receive a free meal for every shift that they work at the park!

In 2021, the park also teamed up with WeeCare to offer childcare benefits on site for employees who needed someone to watch their children while they were working at the park. The Dollywood Company pays a portion of the child care costs.

History of Helping

In addition to doing what they can to help their employees, the Dollywood Foundation has been known for helping out the local community and the world. According to reports, the foundation gives more than $1 million in donations a year to local groups throughout the state of Tennessee. One of the biggest charity events is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which provides a book each month at no cost to children who are signed up in the program. Dolly Parton’s willingness to give back to the place she calls home is one of the biggest reasons she is so highly regarded throughout the Smoky Mountains!

New at Dollywood in 2022

Emporium at Dollywood As you probably know, each year Dollywood adds something new to the theme park for visitors to enjoy. This is one reason why it is one of the most visited attractions in Pigeon Forge! As the park plans its 2022 season debut next month, it has been revealed what guests can expect in the new year. One of the big things that the park looked to enhance was guest experience.

In order to achieve this goal, Dollywood revealed that The Emporium has been updated and many of the walkways throughout the park have been widened. The theme park will also make improvements to some of its biggest festivals, including the Flower & Food festival, the Summer Celebration, and the Harvest Festival! Be sure to check out all the new things you can expect to see at Dollywood this year!

Now that you know more about the incredible opportunity that Dollywood is giving to its employees, be sure to learn more about all the amazing things happening at Dollywood, and start planning your adventure today!