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dolly parton jeni's ice cream

Dolly Parton and Jeni’s Ice Cream Create New Flavor to Benefit Imagination Library

Dolly Parton has an ice cream flavor inspired by her! Jeni’s, an artisan ice cream shop based in Ohio, partnered with Dolly to create a special flavor that will benefit her charity, The Imagination Library. Keep reading to find out more about the ice cream and partnership:

Dolly Parton’s Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream

You’re probably wondering what flavor Jeni’s came up with to represent Dolly Parton. It’s truly southern and sweet, just like the country star herself! The flavor is called Strawberry Pretzel Pie. It is cream cheese ice cream that’s gooey and sweet with swirls of strawberry sauce. Salty pretzel streusel is swirled in to create a delicious bite when mixed with the sweetness of the ice cream and sauce. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped on a front porch in Tennessee as soon as you take a bite!

This ice cream will launch April 8, 2021. You can purchase it online or you can visit one of Jeni’s brick and mortar stores to try Strawberry Pretzel Pie. Jeni’s announced they only made one run of the flavor, which equals about 10,000 pints. They expect to sell out very quickly. There is a limit of two pints per customer online, and if you plan on going in person, you should get there before they open.

More About Jeni’s

ice cream on plate with assorted flavorsJeni’s is owned by Jeni Britton Bauer. She is a pioneer of the artisan ice cream movement, getting into the business back in 1996 and opening her own store in 2002. Her current ice cream store is based in Ohio, but there are locations all over the country. The ice cream is uniquely smooth since they don’t use synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes. They also steer clear of stabilizers and emulsifiers to create a signature flavor.

Partnering With Dolly Parton

Jeni’s and Dolly came together to create this flavor so it would benefit The Imagination Library. This charity was started in 1995 by Dolly. She was passionate about kids having access to books and learning how to read because her father never learned how to read. She was inspired by him to create this charity, and children in Sevier County received books from ages 0 to 5 years old. This charity quickly expanded from just Dolly’s home county to the state of Tennessee, to national, to international.

children's books in a library

Anyone can sign up for The Imagination Library. The age range from children to receive free books is still 0 to 5. Some of the benefits from this ice cream collaboration will benefit The Imagination Library.

Hopefully you will be one of the people who get to try this amazing ice cream! Want to know even more about Dolly Parton? Check out our other information on Dolly!