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baskins creek falls

5 of the Best Smoky Mountain Hikes to Do to Avoid a Crowd

If you want to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park without worrying about large crowds, you want to look for low traffic hiking trails. Any trail you decide to go on will show you the beauty of the area. Some of the best Smoky Mountain hikes don’t get nearly as much foot traffic as they should! Look at 5 of the best Smoky Mountain hikes to do to avoid a crowd:

1. Middle Prong Trail

Middle Prong TrailMiddle Prong Trail is a great hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains near Tremont. The roundtrip length is 8.3 miles, and it is considered moderate to difficult. This trail includes three major waterfalls and many cascades. Along the first mile, you will come across Lower Lynn Camp Falls, which is 35 feet tall. Then, you will see Lynn Camp Falls. There are plenty of historic remains along the trail. Near the end of the trail, you’ll come up on Indian Flat Falls.

2. Baskins Creek Trail

Baskins Creek Trail is off of the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. Its roundtrip length is 3 miles and is considered easy. The trail begins with a short climb then levels out. At this point, you will have beautiful views of the mountains. The trail to get to Baskins Creek Falls is steep and rocky, so be careful in this area. This waterfall is 40 feet tall and has two tiers. The hike back is considered more difficult because you are hiking uphill instead of down.

3. Spruce Flats Falls

Spruce Falls Flat waterfall in the Great Smoky MountainsSpruce Flats Falls is a hiking trail located in Townsend, Tennessee. The roundtrip length is 1.4 miles, and it is considered easy to moderate in difficulty. About 20 yards into the trailhead, there is a junction. To get to Spruce Flats Falls, you should go right. This junction is actually not on the official state park map, but the path is well worn and easy to follow. As you get closer to the falls, the trail starts to descend and become more rugged. Once you reach the falls, you can enjoy the four tiers of water gushing over the rocks standing 30 feet tall.

4. Porters Creek Trail

Located near Greenbrier, Porters Creek Trail is one of the best Smoky Mountain hikes to go on to avoid crowds. It is full of history and beautiful scenery. In the spring, there are hundreds of wildflowers along the trail. The roundtrip length is 4 miles, and it is considered easy to moderate. You can take one of the junctions to Fern Branch Falls, which is 60 feet tall. Even in the fall, this trail is beautiful because of the amount of trees in the area. You’ll get history, waterfalls, and mountain views along this trail.

5. Hen Wallow Falls

hen wallow falls smoky mountainsHen Wallow Falls is a moderate trail, and one of the best Smoky Mountain hikes to avoid crowds. The roundtrip length is 4.4 miles and will take you about 3 to 4 hours to complete. The trailhead is in Cosby. Hen Wallow Falls is 90 feet tall. At the top, the waterfall spans 2 feet, while at the bottom, it spans 20 feet. This is a great hike, especially after it rains because of the water volume at the falls.

You will enjoy exploring the national park on any of these best Smoky Mountain hikes to avoid crowds. You’ll love feeling like you’re the only people in the world as you explore. If you’re wondering what else you can do in the area, check out these things to do in the Smoky Mountains while avoiding crowds!