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February 1-28 Sweetheart Month at Titanic Pigeon Forge

Woman opening heart shaped box for Valentine's DayFebruary is the month when love is in the air. Celebrate your very on Valentine’s Day during the entire month of February at none other than the Titanic Pigeon Forge museum attraction. Because the Titanic is known for it’s popular love story between Jack and Rose, as well as a number of other loved ones who traveled aboard the ship during it’s voyage in 1912, this is the perfect place to take your significant other to show them just how much you care. There were a total of 12 couples traveling aboard the Titanic on their Honeymoon and several young brides that were looking to start a new life in America with their family. While the journey may not have had a happy ending for most, you can now pay tribute to the lasting love of those aboard the ship while sharing your own love with that special someone.

The Titanic Pigeon Forge Sweetheart Month event gives visitors the opportunity to renew their vows on the Grand Staircase at the Titanic attraction. The ship’s captain oversees each elegant-style ceremony, where you can once again tell the other just how you feel about them. This one-of-a-kind experience may only come once in a lifetime. There’s no better time to renew your vows that in February of 2013. Reservations are required to take part in vow renewals at the Titanic Pigeon Forge attraction. These can be made by calling 1-800-381-7670 or visiting www.titanicpigeonforge.com.

Not only can visitors enjoy renewing their vows while visiting the Titanic Museum, but they can also view a wide range of exhibits, showcasing some of the stories from travelers aboard the ship. Learn about the couples, families and crew members on the Titanic the dreaded day in 1912. View some of the rare artifacts that were found in the wreckage in the ocean and get a real feel for what happened that day. Special exhibits show what cabins and different areas of the ship looked like. Interactive, hands-on attractions are fun for children and adults of all ages. Feel how cold an iceberg is, shovel coal into the Boiler Room, sit in a lifeboat, learn how to send an SOS distress signal and more. The exact replica of the Titanic’s Grand Staircase is one area of the museum that you won’t want to miss. Upon entering the museum, you are given a boarding pass with the name of an individual who was aboard the ship. At the end of the tour, see the fate of your passenger in the Titanic Memorial Room.