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5 Steps to a Successful Smoky Mountain Group Vacation

Group of kids playing in the snowWhen families look back on their vacation to the Smoky Mountains, they are always filled with sweet memories of spending time together. It’s important to spend time together, and what better place is there than the Great Smoky Mountains? Whether you’re visiting with a group in the winter months or planning a future vacation, use this helpful guide for the most successful Smoky Mountain retreat.

1. Create a Guest List

First things first, who is going to attend the Smoky Mountain group vacation or family reunion? It helps to know how large you want the reunion to be, then begin making the guest list. Start with immediate group members and then branch out to other families and friends. A good idea is to collect contact information for each guest, so you can call or email each person with updates.

2. Select the Dates

Time to pick the dates! Some families like week-long reunions, while others like to get together on the weekends. If people have to travel long distances to the Smoky Mountains, it may be better to make the reunion last a little longer than a weekend.

3. Choose an Exact Location in the Smoky Mountains

Once you have selected the dates, you get to choose the location! Visit My Smokies has a ‘Where to Stay’ page that can help you select the perfect spot for your family. Whether you choose Sevierville, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, your family will be only a few short minutes from the exciting Parkways, filled with popular restaurants and attractions. Of course, choose your dates based on when the majority of people will be able to make it. Make sure to reserve the reunion site fairly early, so families have time to plan for the trip.

4. Decide on a Theme

Themes are not completely necessary, but make the reunion much more fun! Sometimes families plan around birthdays, holidays or special occasions. The Smoky Mountain group vacation or family reunion can be much more fun with themed activities throughout the stay. If you’re planning a trip during the fall winter months, make sure to have plenty of hot cocoa and marshmallows! If you’re looking at a spring or summer event, be prepared with water games to cool down those hot summer days!

5. Plan Meals and Activities

Lastly, you will want to begin planning activities, such as meals and attractions. Choose the activities based on the time of year for your visit. In the winter, around Christmas, families love Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas celebration. During the warmer months, families will like to take a day hike and explore the mountains. Whatever your family is interested in seeing, make sure to have a plan before you arrive in the Smokies! Although it may be difficult to stick to an itinerary, it’s important to know which dates and times you will be visiting certain areas. This way, you can buy tickets to attractions and call ahead for large group seating at restaurants in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

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