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Your Guide to the Smoky Mountain Llama Trek

If you love unique things to do, then you will want to experience Smoky Mountain Llama Trek. Animal lovers will love visiting this attraction because you will be able to interact with all the llamas at the farm and on a hike. Keep reading to find out more about the Smoky Mountain Llama Trek:

Smoky Mountain Llama Trek

llamas in a fieldAt this attraction, you will have the opportunity to go hiking with llamas! There are quite a few options as far as hiking trails go, and if you just want to enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures, you can! There’s a whole farm where kids can pet the llamas and feed them treats. Each llama has its own personality, and there are bios of the llamas on their website so you can learn more about them before you go. On each hike, you will have the opportunity to lead your own llama as you hike the trails. Each trek is led by one or two guides with their own llamas. Before you head out on the trails, staff members will teach you how to guide your llama.

The Hikes

There are a few options when it comes to hiking with the llamas at Smoky Mountain Llama Trek. Find out which one would be perfect for you!

Padgett Mill Trail

You have two options when it comes to the Padgett Mill Trail. You can go on a short or an extended trek. The trail is considered easy to moderate. This is a beautifully wooded trail that has a hill at the beginning, and there are tree roots with uneven portions. There is a spot along this trail where you can get a beautiful view of the Smokies.

Firefox Mountain Trail

brown llamaAnother trail option is Firefox Mountain Trail. Along this hike through the woods, you will intersect with Firefox Mountain Zipline, so you will hear and see zipliners overhead. As you hike through the woods, you will make your way beside a creek, and in the spring, there are wildflowers. There are also grassy meadows along this trail, and you’ll get to stop and let the llamas drink from the creek. There’s also a 60-foot waterfall on this trail. This trail is considered moderate.

Overnight Trek

The other hiking option is an overnight trek. On the first day, you will hike through the woods with your llamas carrying camping supplies and food. They provide everything you need for your one night stay, including tents, lanterns, coolers, and more. The gear can accommodate up to 8 people, so if there are more than 8 people, you will have to provide additional camping gear. On the second day, you have the chance to look around the Pisgah forest. This trek is offered from May to November.

Other Llamas in the Smokies

You may not think there are any other llamas in the area other than at Smoky Mountain Llama Trek, but there are!

Llamas and Mount LeConte

llamas mount leconteTo get supplies to the summit of Mount LeConte, llamas are used! Three times a week, llamas and their guides carry supplies to the top of the mountain along Trillium Gap Trail. Before they start their trek up the mountain, they eat a snack of alfalfa cubes. They walk past Grotto Falls, and when the trail gets rocky near the top, their foot pads grip onto the terrain easily. Once they reach the top, people remove the packs of supplies, and the llamas get a special treat: pancakes!

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo

Another spot in the Smokies where you can see llamas is the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm. You won’t find just llamas though! There are all kinds of fun creatures, including goats, emus, camels, and so many other unique animals. This is the perfect place to go for animal lovers! Plus, you can go horseback riding!

Smoky Mountain Llama Trek is a unique attraction you won’t want to miss out on. Want to know what else you should do when you’re in town? Check out these Smoky Mountain attractions for more ideas!