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Get Your Motor Running

You’ve heard about different places not having all
four seasons? Like Alaska, which has winter and the Fourth of July? Well, here
in the Smokies, we have 5 seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and car show.

When the weather gets warmer, the grass begins to
grow and the birds start singing, residents of Sevier County know that it’s
time for the car shows to begin. The first one this year is the Spring Grand
Rod Run, held April 12-15. One of the most popular car shows in the Smokies,
this gathering of thousands of motor enthusiasts brings classic cars, trucks
and motorcycles out from their winter garages to be admired. All the big names
are here – Ford, Chevy, GMC, and more. Lots of owners will let you see what’s
under the hood, sit in the driver’s seat, maybe even turn the key. If you need
parts for your restoration project, there’s a good chance you can find it at
the show. Lots of people attend to get ideas for ways to make their dream car a
reality and there’s always somebody willing to make a deal or give a tip or

There are also workshops held that can answer your
questions about these classic rides. Vendors and experts from across the U.S.
will also be in attendance. Come see the great cars of yesteryear at the Spring
Grand Rod Run; who knows, maybe next year you’ll be showing your classic!