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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hollywood Star Cars Museum

If you’ve ever been to the Hollywood Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg, then you know how cool this unique attraction is to people who love movies and cars! You won’t find another museum quite like it. There are some things you may not know about this museum, and we want to share them with you! Check out these 5 things you didn’t know about the Hollywood Star Cars Museum:

1. All of the vehicles from shows and movies are real.

Hollywood Star Cars signYou may be thinking to yourself as you walk through the museum that there’s no way all of these famous trucks, jeeps, and sports cars are real, but they are! Every single vehicle in the museum was actually used in the movie and TV show it came from. You will see two Batmobiles from the 1966 and 1992 shows, as well as multiple cars from the Fast and Furious franchise. There’s also the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, the ECTO-1 from the 1984 Ghostbusters, and much more. You’ll love getting to see all of these incredible vehicles from your favorite movies and shows!

2. Many of them were created by George Barris.

Georgie Barris created almost all of the cars on display at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. Barris is famous for creating and designing custom cars for Hollywood films and shows. He is most famous for building the Munster Koach from The Munsters TV show and the 1966 Batmobile from the Batman TV show. In addition to designing cars for film, Barris also created custom cars for celebrities over the years.

3. Children 5 years old and younger get in for free.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum at nightAnother fun fact you may not know about the museum is that children who are 5 years old and younger get to attend the museum for free with a paying adult! Children of all ages will love seeing all of these incredible masterpieces. You’ll have a blast with your kids looking at all of these cars and learning where they came from and how much history each one has. After you see all of these cars, your kids may want to watch the movies or TV shows that they are famous for!

4. The museum is wheelchair and scooter accessible.

The Hollywood Star Cars Museum is accessible for wheelchairs and scooters. The museum wants everyone to feel welcome and be able to enjoy seeing the vehicles that have touched so many people’s lives. There is an elevator in the museum for guests who need wheelchairs or scooters.

5. You can sit in the cars for souvenir pictures.

cars at the Star Cars MuseumIf there is a certain vehicle in the museum you absolutely love, you are able to pay for a souvenir picture with you sitting in the car! While you can’t sit in the cars without paying for the picture, we know you’ll definitely want a souvenir after you visit this unique attraction! Can’t get enough cars during your trip? Check out these other car museums in the Smoky Mountains!

Things to Do Near Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Now you know more about the Hollywood Star Cars Museum! You won’t want to miss out on this unique attraction the next time you’re in town! When you visit, take time to explore other nearby attractions. Check out these other things to do in the Smoky Mountains for even more fun!