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Ober Gatlinburg Amusement All Year Long

Family skiing in the mountainSkiing is the main attraction in the winter months at Ober Gatlinburg, but there is so much more. Ice skating, snow tubing, and snowboarding are all options. There is also no need to leave the mountain for any meal as there are plenty of dining and shopping options if the cold gets to be too much.

Do you shy away from snowy mountain retreats for fear of getting stranded? I mean, we all know you have to have a four-wheel drive to enjoy a beautiful mountain town covered in snow, right? Wrong! Ober Gatlinburg is the best of both worlds. At the foot of the Tennessee Mountains, just minutes from the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Ober Gatlinburg is a gem among gems. This half ski resort have amusement park is opened year around and ideal for the whole family.

The part is that you never have to worry about needing special equipment to get to it because of snow. Not only is the road kept in excellent driving condition with snow and ice being removed rapidly, but there is also a tram to take visitors up the mountain. Regardless of where you stay in the city or what time of year you visit, Ober Gatlinburg is always accessible for unique family fun.

The city of Gatlinburg has plenty to offer down the mountain as well, for anyone who wants something different. Museums, shows, and tons of shops and restaurants are waiting. For snowy mountain fun however, nothing beats Ober Gatlinburg. The value and convenience are unmatched. No need to worry about getting stranded at the top or not being able to make it to the bottom, and there is plenty to do for the whole family. Little ones may enjoy snow tubing or ice skating if skiing is not for them just yet, and older ones can try their hand at snowboarding.

Ober Gatlinburg is the epitome of safe, convenient family fun in the snow. Whether you drive up the mountain on the frequently cleared road or you take the tram, you will arrive both at the top ready for fun and at the bottom ready for bed safe and sound.