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black bear in a field in autumn

Black Bear in Gatlinburg Enjoys Some Fall Fun — Video Included!

Even the black bears are joining in on the fall fun in Gatlinburg! On Oct. 27, a black bear was seen enjoying a pumpkin in The Village Shops downtown. Watch the video and get all the details of the sighting of the black bear in Gatlinburg!

Black Bear in Gatlinburg Enjoys a Pumpkin

It looks like we aren’t the only ones who love pumpkins! A black bear was recently seen having his own fall fun in The Village in Gatlinburg. After observing the scarecrow decoration outside of Master’s Editions Village Galley, the bear took a bite out of a pumpkin in front of the display! Someone was able to capture the bear eating and playing with the pumpkin on video, and the art gallery shared it on their Facebook page. Check out the video below:

Black Bear Safety Tips

Even though the black bear in Gatlinburg looks cute, it’s important to keep in mind that black bears are wild animals and it’s unsafe to get too close. If you encounter a black bear during your visit to Gatlinburg, be sure to keep these black bear safety tips in mind:

black bear walkingKeep a safe distance – The National Park Service has a rule that you must stay at least 50 yards away from wildlife at all times. This is a good rule to stick to if you happen to have a run-in with a black bear while you’re in Gatlinburg. Coming too close to a bear puts you, everyone around you, and the bear, in danger.

Never run – When you see a bear, it might be your first instinct to run. But keep in mind that running will only cause the bear to want to chase you. It’s best to move away slowly and sideways, in a way that’s unthreatening to a bear.

Don’t feed the bears – Bears have a natural fear of humans. When bears are fed, they tend to lose that fear. Even if you are not intentionally feeding a bear, it’s important not to leave trash and empty food containers sitting out. To help with this, Gatlinburg recently replaced 46 open-top trash cans with special bear-proof trash cans to limit the bears’ access to any scraps that are thrown away on the Parkway.

Other Fall Fun in Gatlinburg

Breathtaking fall foliage near Gatlinburg.If you’re like the black bear in Gatlinburg and want to have some fall fun, then come visit the Smoky Mountains! There is everything from haunted adventures, to ghost tours, to festivals. And let’s not forget about the stunning fall foliage. The Smoky Mountains are covered in gorgeous shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. To find out the best time to see the fall colors, check out our 2018 Fall Foliage and Forecast.

Where to Stay

When you visit in the fall, the best place to stay in is a Smoky Mountain cabin. You can admire the picture-perfect fall scenery from the deck of your cabin as you’re relaxing in the bubbling hot tub, or curl up in front of the fire on the cool mountain nights. Cabins offer all the comforts of home, like fully equipped kitchens, cable TV, separate bedrooms for sleeping, and so much more! You can also enjoy bonus amenities in some cabins like game rooms, home theaters, and even indoor pools.

Don’t miss your chance to visit the Smoky Mountains in the fall! Take a look at the best cabins in the Smoky Mountains and pick the perfect one for your vacation.