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A man filling up a car with gas.

Low Gas Prices Help Boost Tourism in Great Smoky Mountains

It has been quite some time since we in East Tennessee saw gas prices drop below the $2 mark. In fact, prices have been hovering around the $2.50 to $3 range for quite some time. However, over the recent weeks, we at Visit My Smokies have seen the price of gas drop dramatically in the Great Smoky Mountains. In fact, as of Friday, January 9, 2015, the average price per gallon of regular gas in Tennessee hits a record low of $1.997 per gallon, according to a recent report from AAA.

Not only is this great news for folks wanting to save money on their morning commute to work, but this is also great for families and guests who plan on enjoying a vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains

How Gas Prices Affect Tourism in the Great Smoky Mountains

Most Guests Arrive By Car

Did you know that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is within a day’s drive of nearly 66% of all Americans? It’s true. And, as you can tell from much of the traffic that the Smoky Mountains are known for during peak seasons, most of the area’s visitors take advantage of this short distance by hopping in the car and driving here.

family taking a vacation in the Great Smoky MountainsThat being said, if most of the visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains arrive here by car, then it should go without saying how much lower fuel cost can benefit them. Not only are they spending less at the pump to get here, but those savings can translate into more they are able to spend enjoying their Smoky Mountain vacation.

For example, families can take the money they saved on gas and use it to upgrade their lodging to one of the many relaxing cabins in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge. They can also use the extra money to treat themselves to an evening of delicious food and comedy at one of the many entertaining dinner shows in Pigeon Forge. The savings can also translate into season tickets to the Pigeon Forge amusement park, Dollywood, depending on how often these families plan on visiting the area this year.

However, they decide to spend their savings, it is the cheaper gas prices that are allowing these families to experience more and do more during their vacation. Not to mention, it could be the lower fuel costs that make it possible for these guests to visit the Great Smoky Mountains in the first place.

go karts in Pigeon ForgeSmoky Mountains Attractions That Depend on Gas

It is not just the travelers to the Great Smoky Mountains who are affected by the change in gas prices. In fact, several of the area’s most popular attractions also rely on low fuel costs. In a recent article, local news station, WBIR, spoke with several Smoky Mountain businesses on how the lower gas prices will impact their business.
A few of our favorite attractions in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg that use gas are:

For more information on these exciting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg attractions in the Great Smoky Mountains, be sure to check out the What To Do section on our website. There, you will find a ton of information on all the fun and memorable things to do and places to eat in the Smokies.

How will the lower gas prices affect your plans to visit the Great Smoky Mountains? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you.