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2013 Southeastern Select Alpaca Show

Alpaca hiding behind treeThe show will highlight the talents of over 40 select alpaca breeders, 60 vendors and hundreds of alpaca enthusiasts who will use the show to raise awareness of the value of alpaca’s to society.

The show will also offer many attractions that will encourage visitors to learn more details about the alpaca’s value to society. Some of the most popular attractions will include a level IV alpaca halter show, an alpaca fiber project circle an alpaca petting zoo and an alpaca fiber arts class. These attractions will be available to the public during each day of the show from 9 a.m-4 p.m. at the Sevierville Events Center’s main convention hall.

Other popular attractions will include several lectures that will be presented by experienced alpaca breeders. These lectures are designed to offer beginners and intermediate alpaca breeders an opportunity to learn new techniques that can help you enhance the quality of your alpaca’s life. Visitors may attend any of the lectures by visiting one of the meeting rooms that are adjacent to the Sevierville Events Center’s main ballroom.

Another popular attraction is the show’s bourse floor located near the project circle. The bourse floor will feature over 40 vendors who will offer many high-quality alpaca fiber products and handmade alpaca clothing for sale. The value of the show’s bourse floor will be enhanced by a buffet lunch that is sponsored by the Southeastern Alpaca Association.

The Southeastern Alpaca Association will also sponsor a live auction that will take place after the halter show closes for the day on March 2, 2013. The auction’s main attractions will include 60 of Tennessee’s finest alpaca breeding sires. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a bidder’s pass by visiting the show’s welcome center located near the Sevierville Events Center’s main ballroom.

Finally, visitors are encouraged to watch the annual Hand-Crafter’s Spin-off that will take place near the bourse floor during both days of the show. Be sure to especially watch the speed spinning competition that attracts more than 50 alpaca spinners each year who will compete for many sewing accessories, ribbons and other fun prizes.

For more details about the 2013 Southeastern Select Alpaca Show, please contact the Southeastern Alpaca Association for more information.