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Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine

Who’s got the Hooch? Gatlinburg!

One of the traditions of the Appalachian region is
making of spirits, or as you know it, moonshine. Made from corn, moonshine (or
hooch) provided a source of illegal income for a region that struggled to be
prosperous. For generations, families had moonshine stills and handed down
recipes of how to make the famous beverage that was the legend of songs and
movies. Now, you can see how it’s made and even taste it without the worry of
the law throwing you in jail.


Ole Smoky
is the first legal moonshine distillery in the state of Tennessee
and business is booming. They’ve recently expanded to accommodate all the
visitors who want to find out what the fuss is over white lightning. With corn
raised right here in east Tennessee, the grains are converted to a clear liquor
using a 100-year-old recipe. There are samples to try, where you can determine
if like the white lightning, moonshine cherry, or original. They also have
seasonal selections, including strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and more. Now
the seasonal ones are only available at the distillery. The original flavors,
apple pie, moonshine cherry, original and white lightning, are available in
more than 30 states at stores that sell liquor.


There’s also merchandise to be had, including
clothing and food. Moonshine jelly, moonshine barbecue sauce, and hillbilly
caviar (I’ll let you discover what that is for yourself). There’s also a snack bar and a winery. There
is also a courtyard where bluegrass musicians play and where you can sit in
rocking chair and enjoy the entertainment. If you’re looking for a
one-of-a-kind visit on your next Smoky Mountain vacation, Ole Smoky Moonshine
will certainly fit the bill.