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National Enquirer attraction in Pigeon Forge

National Enquirer Live Attraction in Pigeon Forge Now Open

Update: National Enquirer Live! has since changed its name to Beyond the Lens, which explores the best of pop culture with interactive games, photo ops and exhibits.

National Enquirer Live!, a new attraction in Pigeon Forge, is now open! Located on the Parkway, this attraction brings the famous supermarket tabloid to life. We’ve got all the details on the new Pigeon Forge attraction and other new attractions in the area.

About National Enquirer Live in Pigeon Forge

Now, visitors have a chance to experience a whole new attraction in Pigeon Forge. National Enquirer Live tells the story behind the story of the tabloid that created an industry. It brings the most famous and controversial stories to life in an immersive museum attraction. This 20,000 square-foot attraction allows visitors to explore new National Enquirer exclusives on the stories that changed the course of history, including the JFK conspiracy, the O.J. Simpson murders, and the biggest crimes of the past century. A lot of the museum is dedicated to how the National Enquirer got various pictures and stories throughout its history and includes about 100 exhibits. All the exhibits are set up in 4 categories: celebrities, crime, conspiracies, and gossip. Here are just a couple exhibits you can expect to see when you visit the National Enquirer Live attraction in Pigeon Forge:

hyperbolic chamber in hospitalMichael Jackson: The museum has a room dedicated to famous Michael Jackson photos and moments, including a mock up of him sleeping in his hyperbaric chamber. The animatronic Jackson in the exhibit turns to face the visitors, then goes back to sleep. Visitors will also get to learn in detail how the National Enquirer got the photos of Jackson in the chamber.

Princess Diana: In the Princess Diana exhibit, you’ll see a 3D presentation of Princess Diana’s car crash. The 3D computer model overlooks Paris and shows the pathway Princess Diana took as she left the Ritz hotel, the paparazzi chasing her, the flash that may have blinded the driver, and how it happened. The museum insists the exhibit will be “sensitively handled,” and the car crash is only shown through computer animation.

National Enquirer Museum is located at 2115 Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

Other New Attractions in Pigeon Forge

The National Enquirer Museum isn’t the only new attraction in Pigeon Forge! The area has welcomed new opportunities for fun recently and will be home to more exciting attractions in the future. Here are some of the best new attractions you have to look forward to on your visit:

Wildwood Grove at Dollywood Theme ParkWildwood Grove: Wildwood Grove opened at Dollywood in May! This is the park’s largest expansion ever and includes days’ worth of family fun. It’s an opportunity to let your imagination run wild on family-friendly rides and play areas. Stop by Wildwood Creek, a place to splash around and cool off during warm weather, or hop on the Dragonflier, a family suspended roller coaster. And you’re sure to be amazed by the Wildwood Tree!

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show: The Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show had its first show May 24 and brings more family fun to Pigeon Forge! This dinner show features Crimson and Sapphire pirates battling on deck, in the water, and in the air above their full-size pirate ships! You can expect acrobatic competitions, live animals, music, and a pirate feast!

Mountain Mile & Tower Shops: The Mountain Mile & Tower Shops is expected to completely reshape the retail, restaurant, and attraction scene in Pigeon Forge. Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, this retail and family entertainment development will be home to the Mountain Monster. The Mountain Monster will feature three rides from a 200-foot tower that overlooks the Smoky Mountains. While there is not an official opening date yet, the project is expected to be complete in 2020, with certain parts opening in 2019.

A sign for a drive-in movie theater.August Moon Drive-In: The August Moon Drive-In will offer a unique indoor drive-in movie experience. It will feature the largest non-IMAX movie screen in North America, as well as 40 classic cars, dozens of full-size trees, a panoramic starry sky, and a stunning moon glowing orange and red. An official opening date for the drive-in has yet to be released.

Flying Theater Experience at The Island: While you may have to wait a while longer for this experience, it will definitely be well worth the wait! The flying theater ride at The Island in Pigeon Forge will combine a state-of-the-art ride with a custom film. You will get to experience the sounds, scents, and mists of an aerial adventure across the United States. This ride is expected to open in early 2020 in the heart of The Island.

More Attractions in Pigeon Forge

While you’re in town visiting the National Enquirer Museum and these other new attractions, be sure to spend some time exploring other things to do in the area! Check out all of the great attractions in Pigeon Forge and decide what you want to do during your vacation.