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Morgan Freeman Helps Visitors to the Smoky Mountains

Morgan Freeman Helps Visitors Get to the Smoky Mountains

Do you want Morgan Freeman to be your personal chauffeur to the Smoky Mountains? Who wouldn’t, right? We’ve got just the app that can help you get through traffic to the Smoky Mountains in a breeze – with the help of Morgan Freeman!

With the Waze app on your cell phone, you can have Morgan Freeman – or even Colonel Sanders – guide you to the Smoky Mountains completely stress free.

Waze badges and pointsWhat is Waze?

Waze’s slogan is – “Outsmarting Traffic, Together” and they do just that. Waze is a navigation app, a GPS. The great thing about Waze is that it is community-based, so you can send traffic updates to the app, so you’re receiving the most up-to-date, real-time traffic and road information.

Traffic & Construction Updates

When you use Waze, you’ll receive updates as you travel, so you know when to expect upcoming obstacles along your route, like potholes or stranded vehicles on the side of the road.

The Waze app also allows you to report any traffic concerns and obstacles along your route, so the app is constantly updating with the latest information about the roads.

What is WazeWaze Badges & Points

As you use the app, you’ll be asked to verify things that have been submitted by other Waze users. As you verify obstacles and traffic, and as you submit feedback about the roadways, you’ll earn badges and points. These badges and points add up to create your editing rank. The more points and badges you earn, the more verified you become within the app. Over time, you’ll be granted access to different editing features to give other Waze users even better feedback on the road conditions.

Get Waze for Your Next Smoky Mountain Vacation

Waze is a great way to add a little fun to your next vacation! You can change the voices throughout your trip or you can ride along with Morgan Freeman the entire way! As you approach exits, make turns and more, you’ll hear Morgan Freeman direct you to your destination! It’s a lot of fun for adults, and can be even more fun for kids!

Click here to download WAZE and, in just a couple of minutes, Morgan Freeman will be navigating your route to the Smokies!

Where will Waze take youWhere Will Waze Take You?

Waze will take you all over the country, but we think you should let Waze bring you to the Smoky Mountains! Take a look at all of the Smoky Mountain cabin rentals and book yours today! Then, just type in your destination address and you’ll be headed straight to the Smoky Mountains with Morgan Freeman!

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