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Two kids enjoying Zorb Smoky Mountains at the Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge.

Top 4 Reasons You Have to Visit Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge

If you’re looking for something different to do next time you’re in the Smoky Mountains, you have to try zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge! Picture yourself slipping and sliding down a hill in a giant plastic ball for an exciting adventure that you won’t forget. This attraction is one-of-a-kind and will provide the experience of a lifetime for people of all ages! Here are the top 4 reasons you have to visit Outdoor Gravity Park:

1. Unique Attraction in Pigeon Forge

When you visit the Smoky Mountains, there are so many things to do, from hiking, to riding roller coasters, to exploring museums. But if you are looking for a fun activity that is unlike any other, you have to go zorbing! Outdoor Gravity Park provides a unique experience that you’re sure to love. Zorbing originated in New Zealand but was brought to the Smoky Mountains so you can have a chance to try it! It is the only place in America that you can try this type of fun. There are a total of 3 unique experiences for you to try when you’re there. You will roll down one of the courses in an OGO, a giant ball made of 300 square feet of plastic that flies down the 1,000-foot hill and is filled with more than 10 gallons of water for a splish and splash adventure!

2. Fun During All Seasons

zorbOutdoor Gravity Park is open all year round! You can go wet zorbing in a special H2OGO for a wet and wild experience during any season. The OGO is filled with 10 gallons of water that is cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The water makes the inside so slippery that the riders slide inside as it revolves around them — there is no tumbling or dizziness! If you don’t feel like getting wet, the attraction offers DRYGO, the same fun experience just without the water. Dry zorbing is only available in the fall, winter and early spring, and only rolls on the Speed Demon track.

3. Share the Experience with Friends

What’s so great about zorbing at this Pigeon Forge attraction is that you are able to share the experience with friends or family members. The OGOs can hold up to 3 riders at a time! You can choose to ride solo or have fun laughing with others as you roll down the hill. Every experience is even more special when you can share it with those who are close to you, so why not do it together and make memories you can laugh about for years to come!

4. Great Way to Spend Time Outside

The best part about visiting the Smoky Mountains is being able to spend time in the great outdoors. Outdoor Gravity Park provides the perfect opportunity to step away from cell phones and computer screens and spend some time outside. Zorbing is just the right medicine to make you happier during your vacation! It will get you laughing and having fun while breathing in the fresh air of the Smoky Mountains.

About Outdoor Gravity Park

Beautiful aerial view of Pigeon Forge TN.Outdoor Gravity Park opened in April of 2015 and is located in Pigeon Forge at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It has 3 very different experiences, each offering something new for visitors. The FUNnel is the newest adventure and combines the FUNnel and zig zag course. Speed Demon is for those with a need for speed who are willing to feel a little out of control as they fly down the hill. Extreme Zig Zag is for those looking for an extreme adventure — it’s so extreme that you have to ride solo! Anyone ages 5 and up can enjoy this experience. The attraction even captures your experience on video so you can relive the memories as many times as you’d like!

You don’t want to miss the chance to visit Outdoor Gravity Park and try something new the next time you’re in the Smoky Mountains. Buy your tickets to the attraction from us at Visit My Smokies and save $7!