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Zorbing in Pigeon Forge

If I say, “Have you tried ZORB?”, your first reaction maybe, “Is that a new ice cream?” or “That horrible disease?” The answer to both is no; ZORB is a crazy way to get moving and it’s in Pigeon Forge.

Hailing from New Zealand, the land that brought us
Hobbits and bungee jumping, ZORB is where
you get into a giant plastic ball and roll downhill (think those hamster balls
you had in the pet cage as a child). Yes, you read that right. ZORB is a form
of globe riding, described as the sport of rolling down the hill in a large
inflatable globe. There are all sorts of options – you can get in one that has
water, so you have a sort of slip-n-slide experience, or you can stay dry. They
have ones big enough for up to three people to ride, or go solo. You ride on a
track and you have different options for that also – straight, zig-zag or
zipper. So how long are the rides? The shortest is just 40 seconds, but that
probably seems a lot longer when you are inside, rolling downhill. You can also
ZORB when it’s raining, which is a nice alternative when the weather turns


Started in 1995, the ZORB location here in the Smoky
Mountains is the only one in the U.S. and is drawing visitors from around the
country. Heck, the Zorb has been chosen as one of the symbols for the 2014
Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, so that gives it instant street cred. You’ve
heard the saying, “It’s all downhill from here”? – get into a ZORB and see how
much fun that really is!