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Mountain View Mansion Gatlinburg cabin with indoor pool

5 Benefits of Staying in Gatlinburg Cabins with Pools

Wouldn’t you love to have a private swimming pool all to yourself on your vacation? Choose a cabin in Gatlinburg with an indoor pool! You can swim any time you want in the comfort of your own cabin. To help you learn more, we’ve made a list of the top benefits of staying in Gatlinburg cabins with pools.

1. Privacy

indoor pool in a gatlinburg cabinThe main reason people love staying in cabins with pools is because of privacy. With your own pool, you don’t have to worry about crowds or anyone else in the pool except for you and your loved ones! There’s no having to get there early to fight for a pool chair, or worrying about getting there before it closes. You can swim any day, any time you want! Not only does the pool itself offer privacy, but your cabin does as well. You’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains without the worry of noisy neighbors or the sounds of traffic getting your way of peace and quiet.

2. Guaranteed Entertainment

Another benefit of Gatlinburg cabins with pools is that they offer guaranteed entertainment! You never have to worry about being bored on your vacation. Regardless of the weather, you’ll always be able to enjoy the swimming pool. Indoor pools allow you to have fun rain or shine, right in the comfort of your cabin. You’ll love not having to fight traffic to have a good time in the Smoky Mountains! You can play pool games with your friends and family, or just float around.

3. Other Amenities

pool table inside gatlinburg cabinThe swimming pool isn’t the only perk you’ll have when you stay in one of these cabins. Gatlinburg cabins come with a variety of amenities that make your stay special. You’ll have a hot tub on the deck so you can relax in the water as you admire the mountain views, a full kitchen so you can prepare snacks and home cooked meals, and more. For more fun, choose a cabin with its own game room! There are Gatlinburg cabins with pool tables, air hockey, foosball, arcade games and more. You can also find pool cabins with home theaters too! Watch your favorite movie or the latest release on the big screen.

4. Cost-Efficient

One of the best parts about staying in cabins with pools is that they’re extremely cost-efficient! For one price, you can enjoy all the fun that your cabin has to offer. When you spend time in the pool and taking advantage of other amenities, you won’t spend as much on attractions and shops in the area! There are also great cabin discounts available that help you save on your stay. To save more, visit with a group of friends or family members and split the overall cost with everyone in your group! Other ways to save are to prepare meals in your cabin instead of dining out at restaurants and to use coupons to save on attraction tickets!

5. Great Location

Aerial photo of Gatlinburg TNAnother benefit of Gatlinburg cabins with pools is their location. When you’re nestled in the mountains, you’ll feel a world away from all the hustle and bustle. In reality though, you’ll still be just a short drive from all the fun downtown! Downtown Gatlinburg is full of incredible attractions, shops and restaurants you have to try while you’re in town. And you’ll also be minutes away from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Spend the day hiking or taking a drive in the park, the evening exploring downtown Gatlinburg, and the night relaxing at your cabin! After a busy day in the Smokies, you’ll love having a short drive back to your cabin.

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We bet you can’t wait to stay in a Gatlinburg cabin with your own private pool! There are cabins for every occasion, from romantic getaways to family reunions. All cabins provide a comfortable place to stay for your Smoky Mountain vacation, but a swimming pool will take your stay to the next level.

Take a look at the best selection of Gatlinburg cabins with pools and find the perfect one for your vacation.