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Your Guide to Illusionation — Jason Hudy’s New Magic Show in Pigeon Forge

Are you ready to witness mind-boggling sights and mystifying tricks? If your answer is yes, you’re going to love Illusionation! This brand new magic show in Pigeon Forge features the talented magician Jason Hudy, who is bringing his incredible talents to the Smoky Mountains for a show you won’t soon forget. Learn all about this new show in Pigeon Forge and get ready to have your mind blown!

What is Illusionation?

Illusionation is the newest and most thrilling magic show in Pigeon Forge! An absolute must-see for visitors to the Smoky Mountains, this show features incredible tricks and magical feats that are sure to leave you and your loved ones impressed. Located at the Mountain of Entertainment Theater on the Parkway, this new show is headlined by world-class magician Jason Hudy and promises an amazing time for the whole family!

Who is Jason Hudy?

Jason Hudy is a magician who has performed over 8,000 shows around the world for high-profile companies like Disney, ESPN, and Chevrolet. Jason headlined “The Magic of Saipan” in the Northern Mariana Islands where he performed over 950 shows over the course of 2 years. Jason’s incredible magical talents have earned him recognition across the globe, and now he is bringing them to Pigeon Forge!

What can I expect when I see Illusionation?

Illusionation has a wide range of magical moments – from astounding effects to mysterious tricks and more. Illusionation also incorporates a blend of magic and comedy in order to keep the audience laughing and mystified at the same time! In total, the show lasts about 2 hours, including a 15-minute intermission. With exciting illusions, intriguing mysteries, and no shortage of surprises, Illusionation is a fantastic experience for all.

Is the show family-friendly?

Absolutely! Illusionation is designed with the whole family in mind and everyone can enjoy an evening of mystery at this magic show in Pigeon Forge. This show is a great way to spend an evening together as a family while enjoying top-notch entertainment!

Can I see other shows at Mountain of Entertainment as well?

Definitely! Another popular show at Mountain of Entertainment is Array – a musical variety show featuring acts from across the world! You can hear incredible singers, talented dancers, specialty acts, and more. This exciting production here in the Smoky Mountains is sure to provide great entertainment for the whole family!

What if I want to see even more magic in Pigeon Forge?

You’re in luck! If you’ve just seen Illusionation and are looking for even more magic shows to check out, there are some other solid choices. The Magic of Terry Evanswood at The Grand Majestic Theater in Pigeon Forge offers families the chance to see exciting slights of hand and illusions from the Merlin award-winning magician, Terry Evanswood. Another fun option is Stephen Best’s Unbelievable Magic Show, where you can see magic, music, and comedy from one of Las Vegas’ youngest headliners, Stephen Best.

Now that you know all about Illusionation, you probably can’t wait to check out this brand new magic show in Pigeon Forge. And if you’re looking for even more excitement in the area, check out this list of things to do in the area!