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view of the smoky mountains from Clingmans Dome

Educational Groups Create Website That Lets You Experience the Smoky Mountains at Home

Do you wish you could be in the Smoky Mountains today? Educational groups that are headquartered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have come together to create a way for you to experience the Smokies from home! The new website, SmokiEEEs, was created with school-aged kids in mind, but everyone can use it to connect with the Smokies. We’ve gathered all the details on this new site that allows you to explore the Smoky Mountains from home!

About SmokiEEEs

creek flowing in the smoky mountainsSmokiEEEs was created as a way to bring the Smokies to school-aged kids while they’re at home. The 3 E’s stand for explore, entertain and escape. The goal of the website is to connect people with nature and environmental education. The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, Discover Life in America and the Great Smoky Mountains Association teamed up to make this website possible, along with nonprofit Friends of the Smokies. The educational groups just wanted people to be able to connect with nature at home, regardless of where they live. On the website, students of all ages will find Park Ranger-led adventures, activities and resources. Learn more about the national park and explore it virtually through a number of videos on the site. More videos will continue to be added! If you want to escape to the Smokies right now, watch the video below to listen to the peaceful sounds of the mountain streams!

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

For over 50 years, the Tremont Institute has been connecting people and nature. This group focuses on educating people through programs that promote self-discovery, critical thinking and effective teaching. The educational center offers summer camps, school programs, family camps, workshops and more directed toward kids. There are even adult and family programs offered year-round! SmokiEEEs is a way for you to learn all the same things you can at Tremont from the comfort of your home.

Discover Life in America

yellow trillium wildflower in the Smoky MountainsDiscover Life in America is a nonprofit that’s committed to conserving global biodiversity, and it’s based in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The goal of Discover Life in America is to learn about the 60,000-80,000 species of life in the Smoky Mountains and share that information with the public. SmokiEEEs is a way for the public to see and learn more about the area’s biodiversity without actually having to visit!

Great Smoky Mountains Association

The Great Smoky Mountains Association supports the preservation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They do so by promoting public understanding through education, interpretation and research. The group provides educational products and services to park visitors. You can find some members of the staff at visitor centers providing recommendations for the best hiking, picnicking and camping spots!

Friends of the Smokies

The historic John Oliver cabin in Cades Cove.Friends of the Smokies raises funds and public awareness about the Smoky Mountains, as well as provides volunteers for needed projects. All of this is to help the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Since 1993, Friends of the Smokies has raised more than $68 million for historic preservation, wildlife management, environmental education and more.

Other Ways to Explore the Smoky Mountains at Home

SmokiEEEs is a great way for kids and families to learn more about the Smoky Mountains digitally! Are you looking for more ways to explore the Smoky Mountains at home? Check out our blog, “9 Virtual Tours of Smoky Mountain Attractions and Other Online Activities.”