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Solutions for Your Suitcase-Packing Dilemmas

Woman sitting on her suitcase stressedWhen you pack for vacation, you probably experience quite a bit of chaos. When you are planning your vacation in the Smokies, don’t let the suitcase-packing problems ruin your trip before it begins. When you use these helpful tips, you won’t have to worry about things like wrinkled clothes or tangled jewelry!

Problem: Knowing What to Pack

Solution: First, determine the weather. Plan to pack things that can be easily layered for any weather situation. Then, create a list of things to pack for your vacation. Remember you will need certain items for specific activities. For instance, if you plan to go hiking in the Smokies, you will want to pack comfortable clothes and shoes. If you begin your list a couple of days before you have to start packing, you won’t forget anything on your way out the door. Having the checklist will help rid of your pre-trip panic, too.

Problem: Wrinkled Clothing

Solution: Many people question whether you should roll or fold your clothes for your suitcase. Depending on the types of items you plan to pack, both! For softer fabrics, roll the clothing tightly in order to save space. As you roll the clothes, make sure you are ironing out the wrinkles. If the clothes are wrinkled when you put them in the suitcase, they will be wrinkled when you take them out. For stiff fabrics, it is better to fold the clothing. When you are packing the items, put the rolled items on the bottom, folded items on top and wrap any items like belts around the edge of the bag.

Problem: Tangled Jewelry

Solution: When you arrive to enjoy your vacation in the Smokies, you don’t want to be faced with untangling necklaces. When you are packing your jewelry, feed one end of your necklace through a straw, then clasp the necklace. The straw on your necklace will help keep the jewelry from tangling. For earrings, rings or other pieces of jewelry, purchase a small craft organizer. You can organize your items in the separate compartments, so they won’t get lost or misplaced.

Problem: Dirty Shoes, Clean Suitcase

Solution: Pack your shoes in a plastic bag or shower cap before placing the shoes in your suitcase. For even better packing, stuff small items into your shoes. This will save room in your luggage as well as keep the shoes shaped correctly, without causing creases in your shoes. All the while, you aren’t dirtying your clean clothes!

Problem: Using Toiletry Items the Morning They Need to be Packed

Solution: When you are planning your vacation in the Smokies, you probably have the list of toiletry items you need to pack. There is only one problem, you also need to use those items the morning you leave home. If you are planning to pack your shampoo and toiletry items after they have been submerged in water, make sure to put them in a resealable bag. Although, the best way to solve the problem is to purchase reusable travel-sized containers and fill them with your favorite products. This way, your items can be packed away and you can leave those wet shampoo bottles in the shower.

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