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Do You Have What It Takes To Win The Mountain Soul Vocal Competition

Ray of sunlight shining down on the Smoky Mountains at dawnWhen people are gifted musically, it is a shame not to share that gift with others. In spring of 2013, the small town of Sevierville, TN is hosting an incredible and unique country music contest, The Mountain Soul Vocal Competition, that honors the legendary songwriting of hometown gal, Dolly Parton. More information can be obtained by visiting www.BloominBBQ.com. No matter if this is your first time competing publicly, or if you are just now deciding to show the world what you can with your musical gift, this is an exciting and fun-filled opportunity to display just how well you can sing.

Vocally-talented artists of all ages are welcome to compete in the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition in Sevierville, TN. The competition acknowledges that young children, college students and adults of every age level often have surprising musical gifts and vocal abilities that will astonish and delight the public.

There is no time like the present to consider pulling out your list of Dolly Parton songs and begin skimming through them to see which one or two songs fit your preferences the best. Each contestant is allowed to submit up to two Dolly Parton songs. If you think you may have trouble finding enough options to sing a unique song to set yourself apart, think again! With more than 3,000 songs written by Dolly Parton available, there will be more than enough choices to choose the perfect song to fit your style and genre of singing.

Many people wonder if they must try to imitate Dolly Parton’s voice and style of singing in order to effectively compete in the competition. Men, women and children will be competing in this unique singing competition and it is not necessary at all to try to sound like the legendary country music singer. Embracing your own unique gifts and letting your personal style and genre shine is all that is asked of any competitor in the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition.

This competition is set in the midst of the abundant beauty of Tennessee countryside and the scenery and backdrop alone will provide ample inspiration. Small town charm, natural beauty and a chance to mingle and meet new people all await you when you arrive in Seiverville to pay homage to Dolly Parton by sharing one or two of her 3,000 songs with the world.

The competition has age categories for 13 and older and for 12 and younger. For more information on how to register and prepare for this amazing annual event. Gifts include a recording session, a Dolly Parton autographed guitar and more.