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4 Types of Getaways You Can Have at Large Cabins in Gatlinburg

If you are looking for flexible vacation accommodations that can hold plenty of different types of gatherings and getaways, large cabins in Gatlinburg are excellent choices. These cabins have anywhere from 5 bedrooms to 20 bedrooms, allowing you to host large groups comfortably. No matter what type of group getaway you are looking to plan, there are perfect large cabins in Gatlinburg for you. Let’s explore some of the types of getaways you can have at these large cabins in Gatlinburg:

1. Multi-Family Vacations

inside of a gatlinburg cabinOne type of getaway that you can have at large cabins in Gatlinburg is a multi-family vacation. By inviting other families along on your trip, you can effectively share the cost and make the getaway affordable for everyone, while also having people to enjoy activities with! Inviting some close friends and their families can be a great way to take your vacation to the next level and form lasting memories with other families. And with amenities like theater rooms, hot tubs, and more at many of these large cabins in Gatlinburg, you will have plenty to do during your stay!

2. Family Reunions

Another type of getaway that you can hold at large cabins in Gatlinburg is a family reunion! Since there are large cabins in Gatlinburg with up to 20 bedrooms, even big families will be able to find accommodations that suit their needs. There is something special about spending time here in the Smoky Mountains with relatives, and holding a family reunion at one of our large cabins in Gatlinburg can be a great way to foster closeness between extended family members and enjoy fun experiences together.

3. Corporate Retreats

large group cabin in the smoky mountainsLarge cabins in Gatlinburg can also be ideal for corporate retreats and team bonding trips! Since there are plenty of bedrooms, everyone can have their own space and privacy, while sharing a common space with coworkers that can help everyone get to know each other better and build a positive team spirit. Many of the large cabins in Gatlinburg come with great amenities, such as game rooms or indoor pools, which can add an extra element of fun to any corporate retreat.

4. Celebratory Getaways

If you have a special occasion to celebrate and you want to do it in style, consider renting one of our large cabins in Gatlinburg for a celebratory getaway! Whether you decide to bring family and friends to celebrate a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, having your celebration here in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains will make it that much more memorable. Plus, since everyone can stay at the cabin, you can keep the celebration going for the entirety of your stay!

As you can see, there are plenty of fun types of getaways that you can hold at large cabins in Gatlinburg! From exploring the area, to enjoying the scenic beauty of the Smoky Mountains, and lots more, you are sure to have a great time when you come to visit the area. Go ahead and check out some of the best large cabins in Gatlinburg today to find the perfect accommodation for your group!