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Sevierville Blooms with Barbeque and Bluegrass

What is it about barbeque? It seems to evoke reactions in meat lovers that you don’t see regarding other foods. Ketchup, mustard, vinegar, dry rub, pulled pork, ribs – all of these mean something different depending on where you live and your preference. I haven’t heard a lot of arguing when it comes to kale versus cabbage.

The 8th Annual Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass takes places in Sevierville this May 18 and 19. This is the biggest event in the city, its free to attend, is the tastiest event in town, and offers so much for families to experience.

Start with the food. The Tennessee State
Championship Competition is held here and is sanctioned by the Kansas City
Barbecue Society. You can walk around and sample all types of delicious
creations, some that aren’t even barbeque. There’s also great entertainment.
This year, the Hard Rock Café Community Stage will showcase up-and-coming
talents performing all types of music. As always, bluegrass bands will be
playing starting Friday evening and continuing on Saturday afternoon and
evening. There is also the 6th Annual Mountain Soul Competition. In
honor of hometown legend Dolly Parton, Contestants must sing a song written by
Dolly in the style of their choosing. There is also a play about the history of
Sevierville and play areas for little children.


This event showcases the best parts of summer –
eating, being outdoors, enjoying music, spending time with your family. Come to
Dolly’s hometown and experience it for yourself!