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Airbnb Names Sevierville TN One of the Most Wishlisted Destinations

Since many people had to stay home last year, everyone has been dreaming about where they would most like to visit. Airbnb took a survey and asked people where they would most like to visit in the entire world, and Sevierville TN made the list! Find out more about Airbnb naming Sevierville TN one of the most wishlisted destinations in the world:

Sevierville is One of the Wishlisted Destinations

sevierville tennesseeUntil people can safely travel again, people are wanderlusting about places they would like to visit. Maybe they’ve been to these places and want to visit again, or it’s places that they’ve never been to before. When asking people where they would like to visit, Sevierville TN was named as one of the top destinations. It is right at the base of the Smoky Mountains, so this town was put at the top of people’s list in the survey because of the ability to check out signature landscapes and outdoor activities.

Why Sevierville TN is Rising in Popularity

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are already popular places to stay and visit when you come to the Smokies, but Sevierville is rising in popularity. There are several reasons why it might be becoming a top place to stay in the area. One reason would be it’s right next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Another could be it’s not quite as popular as these other mountain towns, so there would be less traffic and people.

The AppalachianAnother reason why Sevierville is gaining popularity as a place to visit is all the restaurants coming to the area. There are several places to eat that have recently opened that are making Sevierville a food hot spot.

Sevierville is also known for its unique attractions. There are several unusual things to do, including the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm, The Apple Barn Village, and Nascar Speedpark. There’s also a wine trail where you can taste all kinds of wine for free, and there are distilleries where you can try moonshine.

Top Spots to Visit in Sevierville

You may be wondering what all there is to do in Sevierville TN. You will find all kinds of incredible attractions, points of interests, and amazing restaurants in the area. Here are some of the top spots to visit in Sevierville:

Dolly Parton Statue

dolly statue in sevierville tnA popular spot in downtown Sevierville is the Dolly Parton statue. It is right outside of the Sevier County courthouse, and people love to find it and take pictures with it.

The Apple Barn Village

Another top spot you’ll want to check out is The Apple Barn Village. This shopping area has a general store where you can get food products, home decor, clothing, and so much more. There’s a winery on site where you can taste wine, and there’s a cider house where you can taste regular and hard ciders. You’ll also find a creamery, bakery, candle shop, and many other places you’ll want to visit.

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm

baby deer at petting zooIf you love animals, then you should visit the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm while you’re in Sevierville. This is a huge petting zoo with exotic animals such as kangaroos, emus, and miniature donkeys. You’ll be able to interact with these animals, and they also have pony rides and horseback riding.

Now you know why Sevierville has been named one of the top places people want to visit. Want to know even more about the area? Learn about Sevierville TN, then start planning your next trip!