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The Appalachian: A New Restaurant Opening in Downtown Sevierville TN

If you don’t know, downtown Sevierville TN has been getting updated over the last year. More and more new businesses are moving into the area. The newest restaurant coming to the area is called The Appalachian. Keep reading to find out more about this new restaurant opening in downtown Sevierville TN.

The Appalachian

dry aged steakDavid Rule, the former executive chef at Walnut Kitchen, is opening his own restaurant in downtown Sevierville. It is located at 133 Bruce Street, right across from the gazebo and the public parking lot. The restaurant is 4,000 square feet with an additional 2,500 square feet split between two outdoor patios.

This restaurant is focused on upscale southern hospitality. Some food will be locally sourced, and the menu will change often to use local food. Some of the menu items include fried chicken skins, blue crab spoon fritters, glazed duck, dry aged steak, and rainbow trout.

The Appalachian will be open Tuesday through Saturday. The bar will open at 4 pm, and then dinner will start at 5 pm. You will be able to make reservations at The Appalachian.

The Appalachian is scheduled to open January 2021.

Other New Things in Downtown Sevierville TN

downtown sevierville mural red's dinerA new restaurant is pretty exciting, but did you know there are more new things in downtown Sevierville TN? Find out what else has recently come to the area.


A New Mural

Right beside The Appalachian, there is a new mural in downtown Sevierville. This mural depicts a small, blonde girl sitting at the bar of a diner. The chef is giving the little girl a hamburger. The diner being depicted in the mural is Red’s Cafe, the restaurant that used to be on Bruce Street many years ago.

Updated Streetscape

butterfly muralThe Sevierville Chamber has worked to create their vision of downtown Sevierville. A few years ago, they decided to start construction downtown to update many aspects and make it feel like it was in its heyday. During the last year, many of the roads in downtown were closed due to construction. Now, there are wider sidewalks so people can easily walk around to browse through shops, try delicious food, and enjoy the murals. You’ll see new landscaping in the area too. In addition to the Red’s Cafe mural, you can also enjoy the butterfly mural that’s in downtown Sevierville TN.

Other Places to Eat in Downtown Sevierville

You may be wondering where else you can eat in downtown Sevierville. Here are some other great restaurants to try:

Graze Burgers

graze burgers in sevierville

Graze Burgers is a great local restaurant that uses local ingredients in their food. All of the beef is grass fed and locally sourced. You can get a classic cheeseburger or try one of their signature burgers with unique toppings. Graze also has hot dogs, salads, appetizers, and a bar.

Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company

If you enjoy casual food, Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company is the place you should go. They have pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, and salads. There are all kinds of appetizers, from fried pickles to barbeque nachos. You’ll love trying all the food at Hickory Cabin!

We know you can’t wait to try the food at The Appalachian. Want to know where else you should eat while you’re in town? Look through these Smoky Mountain restaurants so you know where to eat when you’re on vacation!