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The 2013 F-100 Supernationals Truck Show Experience

Ray of sunlight shining down on the Smoky Mountains at dawnFrom May 16 to 18, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee will be the home for the exciting 2013 F-100 Supernationals Truck Show and All-Ford Show. This year’s title sponsor is Dennis Carpenter of Ford Restoration Parts, who has been part of the Show for more than 30 years. As always, the F-100 Supernationals will be held in Pigeon Forge city’s Municipal parking lot due to its central access to hotels, restaurants and entertainment – and based, in no small part, to the demand of spectators, vendors and participants.

Who We Are…and What it’s About

The Supernationals is one of the largest Ford F-100 series truck shows in the United States, geared towards enthusiasts of this model truck or just plain classic vehicles. A variety of F-100s – from all-original variants to expressively modified – will be on display, with numerous vendors on hand with access to not only F-100 parts but all manner of parts and accessories for spectators’ own vehicles. Because of its strategic location outside of parkway access in Pigeon Forge, traffic is substantially better navigated.

Headquartered at the Pigeon Forge Municipal Parking Facility, the show is situated on Teaster Lane, running parallel to the Pigeon Forge Parkway, and takes place at a perfect time of year – just before the summer traffic begins picking up around Memorial Day. The weather is generally ideal, and coupled with the accessibility due to slow traffic, the Supernationals is just a downright awesome truck show.

The “Master of Ceremonies” Returns

For the past two years, Sam Memmelo has been “the voice” of the F-100 show, officially given this title – more specifically referred to as “The Voice of the F-100 Supernationals and All-Ford Show” – and now returning for 2013.

Register Now!

Planning on participating and want to register your Ford F-100 in the Supernationals? Go ahead and take care of your registration online or call (423) 623-4644.