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two black bear cubs in grass

5 Videos of Black Bears in Gatlinburg You Have to See

There’s nothing more exciting than when you see a black bear in Gatlinburg! Everyone wants to see at least one black bear on their vacation. Since the weather is warming up, black bears are out and about more frequently this time of year, so they are more likely to show up in the city and in the national park. We’ve put together some videos of black bears in Gatlinburg you have to see, as well as black bear safety tips:

1. Bear Going Through a Dumpster

If a black bear can smell food, it’s going to go after it! This black bear goes through the dumpsters near light #8 in Gatlinburg, pulling out all kinds of trash until it finds what it had been looking for!

2. Black Bear Takes Food From a Truck

If you plan on bringing food to a picnic or you want to pack food to go home, you should do it right before you leave. This family from Georgia learned this after a black bear in Gatlinburg snuck food out of their truck. The bear dumped their cooler over and chowed down on their food they had packed up for the morning trek home.

3. Black Bear in Gatlinburg Visits a Couple

One couple got pretty close to a black bear near their vacation rental. As they are trying to get in their car to go somewhere, this husband and wife spot a black bear on the other side of a fence. The black bear didn’t seem to be interested in the couple, though!

4. Bear Cubs Climb a Tree in Cades Cove

One of the cutest videos of the week is seeing these black bear cubs play with each other. They climb up and down and one knocks another one off the tree! You’ll enjoy watching these bear siblings play together!

5. Baby Black Bear Climbs a Tree at Anakeesta

Another adorable baby bear video came out where it is climbing a tree at Anakeesta. It was right beside the chondola and chairlift to get to the top of the mountain. You can’t see the mama bear in the video, but if you ever see a cub, you can be sure the mama is nearby!

Safety Tips for Seeing Black Bears

Seeing a black bear in person is exciting, but we want everyone to be as safe as possible, including the bears! That starts with people knowing safety tips. Due to the number of black bears that have been active just this week, the city of Gatlinburg is trying to spread awareness and black bear sighting tips. Here are a few safety tips you should know about black bears in Gatlinburg:

Keep a Safe Distance

Smoky Mountain black bear walking on the roadIn Tennessee, it is illegal to get closer than 50 yards to a black bear. Do not approach the bear. Remain watchful the entire time. If you find yourself close to a black bear, back away slowly, and the bear should do the same.

Do Not Feed Bears

The number one thing you should never do when you see a black bear is feed it. This act causes black bears to lose their fear of humans. If bears lose that fear, they will feel comfortable getting too close to people. Do not leave food in vehicles or coolers. Properly dispose of trash in a bear-proof container.

Places to See Black Bears

black bear with cubYou can always hope to see a black bear while you’re in downtown Gatlinburg, but there’s no better place to go than in the national park! Cades Cove is a popular area where wildlife is spotted regularly. People typically see black bears in the meadows or along the treeline. Roaring Fork Motor Trail is another place where bears are spotted. Many people also see bears as they hike along trails.

Maybe you will see some black bears in Gatlinburg on your next trip. To be as prepared as possible, read more about wildlife viewing in the Smoky Mountains!