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woman running during the Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon Forge

Everything You Need to Know About the Go RetroRunning Event in Pigeon Forge

Have you heard the news? There is a new and exciting race coming to Pigeon Forge we think you are going to love!

Not only does the Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon Forge promise to give you a fun and memorable experience in the area, it is also by far one of the most unique foot races you can participate in. Want to know why? Read below to discover everything that makes this Pigeon Forge event special.

What is RetroRunning?

older couple running in Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon ForgeUnlike any other race event in the area, RetroRunning is only open to racers ages 40 and up. This fits into the retro theme of the race. It also allows you to enjoy the experience with other runners with the similar skill sets as your own.

RetroRunning utilizes a “Progressive Start” format gives every racer a chance to begin the race at the starting line, unlike other races this will push you toward the back and you have to run with a wave of people. Instead, you and your age group will have your own start line to begin on.

In addition to providing you with a fun and memorable weekend, RetroRunning is also using a portion of racers registration fees to charity to give back to the Appalachian community.

action shot of Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon ForgeAbout the Actual Race

One of the things that makes the upcoming Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon Forge unique is it is not your typical foot race. Instead of measuring the distance in kilometers, it is measured in actual miles. It is also not an exact distance. For example, where some races are 2 miles or 10 miles, this race is actually 5 miles and 916 yards in length. This comes out to just under 5.6 miles.

Race organizers said they chose this number because it both gives a fun twist to the event as well gives you a new distance to set a personal best record at.

The race kicks off at the Leconte Center in Pigeon Forge. From there, you will travel from Teaster Lane, down Veterans Boulevard, up River Road, along the Parkway, and then back toward Island Drive.

Setting a World Record

word record from Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon ForgeSpeaking of the unique distance of the race, did you know you can also set a new world record by participating in the RetroRunning event in Pigeon Forge? Thanks to the fact the race is such an odd number, the winner of the race will set a record for it. The bragging rights for this alone is well-worth the effort and travel you put into the race.

Okay, so maybe it is not a true world record that will put you in a credible records book. However, you will get a special certification from the race. That is a good enough souvenir to us.

Leconte Center in Pigeon ForgeSpecial Events

The foot race is not the only exciting way you will have fun during the upcoming Go RetroRunning event in Pigeon Forge. There are also several other special events and festivities planned throughout the weekend you are sure to enjoy.

An example of the other activities planned include:

  • Live music concerts at LeConte Hall
  • Saturday keynote speech from Rudy Maxa
  • Post-race party
  • Educational classes
  • Veterans Appreciation Breakfast with keynote speaker Lee Ellis from Leadership Freedom

Click here to view the full calendar for the Go RetroRunning weekend in Pigeon Forge.

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