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Dollywood Roller Coaster Gets Its Own Mayfield Ice Cream Flavor

Dollywood Roller Coaster Gets Its Own Mayfield Ice Cream Flavor

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Thanks to Mayfield, the latest Dollywood roller coaster, Lightning Rod, is being recognized with its very own ice cream flavor!

The Lightning Rod Mayfield ice cream flavor is a combination of chocolate ice cream swirled with fudge and chocolate sandwich cookie pieces. The art on the carton packaging shows the coaster and will definitely stand out on the shelves of ice cream flavors.

If you love Dollywood, you can purchase the Lightning Rod Smoky Mountain Fudge ice cream at Food City, Ingles, Weigel’s, Kroger, Publix and WalMart in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.Dollywood Roller Coaster Ice Cream Flavor

The new Dollywood roller coaster is open beginning with the 2016 Dollywood season. To learn more about the Lightning Rod coaster, click here.

FireChaser Express Mayfield Ice Cream Flavor

Mayfield also created a special ice cream flavor for the launch of the FireChaser Express roller coaster in 2014.

The FireChaser Express Mayfield ice cream flavor was Crunchy Caramel Pretzel, specially packaged in a colorful carton.

To learn more about the FireChaser Express, click here.

Dippin' Dots Ice Cream Flavor for FireChaser ExpressDippin’ Dots Ice Cream Flavor for FireChaser Express

New ice cream flavors are a great way to celebrate the launch of a new Dollywood roller coaster! When FireChaser Express launched as the nation’s first dual-launch roller coaster, Dippin’ Dots released the FireChaser Cherrybomb Ice flavor – a sour cherry and fruit flavor with popping candy.

We haven’t heard any news about whether or not Dippin’ Dots plans to create a flavor for the new Lightning Rod coaster.

Take a Virtual Ride on the Lightning Rod Dollywood Roller Coaster

On this 3D Virtual Reality video, you can control your ride experience. When you start the video, the coaster ride will begin and you can use your device (your cell phone or your desktop mouse) to drag around the screen to see around the coaster. It’s fun! Give it a try below:

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Are you going to visit Pigeon Forge for a ride on the new Dollywood roller coaster? Are you going to try to pick up a carton or two of the Lightning Rod Smoky Mountain Fudge ice cream? Tell us below!


  • Avatar for Elroy_Jetson

    I would say if it melts, the ice cream would “run” better than the roller coaster has.

    June 19, 2017 at 11:06 am

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