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16 Gluten Free Restaurants in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

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gluten_free_on_green_background-MediumWith more than 100 symptoms related to celiac disease, gluten allergies are a serious concern for vacationing families with members who suffer from any of these allergies. Families visiting the Great Smoky Mountains during their vacation have no reason to worry because our area boasts some of the best gluten free options around, from home-style delights to scrumptious desserts.

Research Options

Planning ahead is the key to a great vacation, but, if you’re in the area already, it is best to ask about ingredients in dishes you’ve considered ordering. When calling a restaurant, be sure to tell the host about your allergy or intolerance and ask if there are menu options. To keep hunger down between meals, carry snack items that the family enjoys. This way, if you have to take time to find a restaurant, you’ll have a backup plan for the drive.

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Delicious Alternatives

Many restaurants in the Smokies offer gluten free options, but peanut, lactose, shellfish, soy and corn dishes can be avoided as well. Vegetarians can enjoy delicious meals as well because many restaurants offer full vegan and vegetarian options. Some local favorites are the Mexican and Thai restaurants in the area. To free you from worry, there are restaurants in the Smoky Mountains that offer a full gluten free or celiac friendly menu below.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville

Healthy_Bowl_of_Food_on_Wooden_Table-OrginalBelow are some celiac friendly and gluten free options for families vacationing in the area. Always be sure to ask about gluten free options when making reservations to be certain there are plenty of safe and healthy options for each family member.

Whether you’ve been in the area for days or are just arriving, Visit My Smokies has all the information you need to make this the vacation of a lifetime. For more information about gluten free restaurants in Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and Gatlinburg, check out our things to do in the Smoky Mountains section. Here you’ll find restaurants, events and attractions, so the family fun can go on and on.