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fountain at The Village Shops in Gatlinburg

A Shopper’s Paradise: Ultimate Guide to The Village in Gatlinburg

If you love to go shopping, the Smoky Mountains is the perfect vacation destination for you! Throughout Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, you will find shops where you can purchase all sorts of wonderful souvenirs for yourself and your family back home. Undoubtedly, one of the most unique shopping experiences can be found just past stoplight #6 in downtown Gatlinburg! Here is the ultimate guide to The Village in Gatlinburg:

Incredible Ambiance and Scenery

If you want to experience Gatlinburg shopping at its finest, you don’t want to miss a trip to The Village Shops. This unique shopping square is set up to resemble a quaint European village that you would have seen hundreds of years ago. Throughout the complex, you will come across specialty stores that sell all sorts of handcrafted arts and crafts, adorable clothing, sweet-smelling candles, and so much more! In total, there are 27 combined boutiques, eateries, and galleries to explore. If you need to take a rest, take a seat on a bench for a few minutes to soak up the natural scenery and enjoy the fresh air in the Smokies. The Village also features an array of floral arrangements and a fountain in the center of all the action.

Shops at The Village in Gatlinburg

Pop Culture at The Village Shops in GatlinburgWhile each shop at The Village in Gatlinburg offers something special, we are going to highlight some of the must-hit locations. One of the best-smelling stores in the area has to be the Candle Cottage, which has been making homemade candles for locals and guests since 1976. The shop has aromas of all different kinds, including their own line of “Fresh Scent” candles. If you or someone you know always has a candle burning in the house, you will want to check this store out. Another one of the must-see stores is The Day Hiker, which is the perfect place to visit before hitting the trails at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They sell all the essentials, including hiking poles, daypacks, hats, maps, and much more. Their store also has one of the largest collections of GSMNP T-shirts that make great souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Sweet Treats

One of everybody’s favorite places to visit at The Village is The Donut Friar. We guarantee you won’t have a problem locating this store as all you have to do is follow the sweet aroma of freshly made pastries. Beginning at 5 A.M. every morning for the early risers, The Donut Friar begins selling an assortment of donuts and other treats. The donuts, cinnamon bread, and other pastries make a trip to this shop impossible to resist. Even if you aren’t there early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about missing out because The Donut Friar is open well into the evening hours making amazing treats for the entire family!

Something for Everyone

Lazy One at The Village ShopsWhether you are looking for a place to go shopping with young children or your grandparents, The Village in Gatlinburg has at least one shop for everyone that are all within walking distance of each other. The young ones will be in heaven as soon as they walk through the door of Toy Crazy. This store features the largest selection of all the biggest toys on the market that you can find in the Smokies, including Hello Kitty, Lego, Dream Pets, and many more. There is also an incredible selection of antique toys that you will remember yourself playing with back in the good old days. For the adults, there are plenty of shops that feature all sorts of unique knick-knacks, including The Hayloft, The Lazy One, and The Silver Tree.

More Places to Go Shopping in Gatlinburg

After you have finished exploring The Village Shops, you can make your way down the Parkway to check out dozens of other fascinating stores. Along the way, you will come across Smoky Mountain memorabilia, air-brushed shirts, stuffed animals, and much more. For a one-stop shop, Gatlinburg offers a couple of incredible shopping spots, The Mountain Mall and Marketplace Mall. Whether you are looking for something in particular or are just wanting to spend the day browsing, you can always have a fantastic day shopping in Gatlinburg.

Now that you know a little more about The Village in Gatlinburg, take a look at some of the other places to go shopping in the Smoky Mountains! We look forward to seeing you soon!