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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in the Smokies

You’ve probably noticed the number of cupcake/bakery stores that have opened across the country in the last few years. The reason they keep opening is that we Americans have an appetite for delicious sweets. And for those of us with incurable sweet teeth (plural, because there’s no way I just have one sweet tooth), we got good news in Pigeon Forge recently – Nom Nom’s Cupcake Factory & Sweets Shoppe is open.

The great thing about these cupcake places is that
it’s not your traditional vanilla/chocolate/third option menu. These places are
creating flavors you’ve probably not thought of. Nom Nom’s has more than 30
types of cupcakes – including this:

Yea, that’s right, it is a maple cupcake with maple
buttercream, drizzled in chocolate and topped with bacon. Now, I’m still not
sure how I feel about this, the fusion of pork and cream, but hey, I’m willing
to give it a try, just for the sake of the blog. Oreo, peanut butter, pretzel,
amaretto, creamsicle, smore’s, coconut, snickers, toffee, coffee, and rum are
all just some of the flavors they offer. You can mix and match to get different
combinations and be the cool person who brings something completely different
to your next party.

But here’s another cool thing about Nom Nom’s – they
donate money to charity. Each month, they feature one type of cupcake where 50%
of the proceeds from that particular type will be given to charity. Nom Nom’s
selects a different charity each month. You can even submit a charity of your
choice for them to consider.

So the next time you’re headed down the Parkway in
Pigeon Forge, pull in to Nom Nom’s and have that rare experience where you can
make the sound of the name of the business – and not have people stare at you.