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Mountain Monster in Pigeon Forge

Fly Through the Skies With These 6 Rides in Pigeon Forge

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to soar through the sky? If you are looking for an exciting thrill ride, there is no better place to be than in the Smoky Mountains! Throughout the Smokies, you will find all sorts of incredible attractions, including a few that will lift you high off the ground! Here are 6 rides in Pigeon Forge where you can fly through the skies:

1. SkyFly: Soar America

SkyFly at The IslandAlthough this ride at The Island in Pigeon Forge is located in a state-of-the-art theater, you can still experience what it’s like to soar. During the journey on Skyfly: Soar America, you will take flight and visit some of the most popular landmarks in the United States, including Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and the Everglades. The attraction uses a unique ride system with amazing special effects, including wind, mist, and scents to create an immersive experience. Once you are seated in the theater, you will enjoy the show on a 50-foot spherical screen with your feet dangling and motion seats to bring the journey to life!

2. Monster Dive

As the signature ride at the Mountain Monster, the Monster Dive is an attraction unlike any other. Once you board the two-seated coaster, you will be transported to the top of the main tower where the anticipation builds. Once at the top, the platform opens and you are tilted down facing the ground that is 200 feet below! Once released, you will enjoy a free fall ride toward a fountain before being caught right in the nick of time. Be sure to also check out the other two rides at The Mountain Mile, the Monster Fall and Monster Launch, to fly through the skies of the Smoky Mountains!

3. Wild Eagle at Dollywood

wild eagle at DollywoodThe Wild Eagle is America’s first wing coaster, and it takes you on an exciting journey 21 stories above Dollywood! The ride is appropriately named as you will truly feel like you are soaring like an eagle during the adventure. Instead of riding in a train car on a track as you would with a typical roller coaster, riders are placed on either side of the track with their feet dangling as they make a number of fast drops and twisting turns. This ride is one of the most popular thrill rides in Pigeon Forge, and you will quickly learn why once on board.

4. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Towering at 200 feet tall, the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel will give you a true bird’s eye view of the Smoky Mountains. Each gondola is made of glass so you can see out to enjoy the astonishing view of the Parkway and the surrounding mountains. On the trek up to the top, you will get to experience what it’s like to ascend into the sky. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is open both during the day and at night, so we recommend trying it both ways to experience the full unparalleled adventure. You can find the Ferris wheel at The Island in Pigeon Forge, which also features a ton of other exciting attractions, wonderful shops, and delicious restaurants!

5. The Flying Ox

Lumberjack Feud sign in Pigeon Forge The Flying Ox at Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Adventure Park is the first of its kind. It combines a roller coaster and a zipline to create an adventure you will never forget! Once seated and strapped into the ride, you will enjoy a free fall journey through the skies of Lumberjack Square with your feet dangling down below. For a truly breathtaking experience, be sure to also try out the Timber Towers, where you can take the leap of faith off one of the 80-foot towers that is sure to make your stomach drop!

6. Ski Lift Shootout Coaster

At Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark, you can fly through the sky with a fascinating twist. On the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster, you will be suspended in the air and flown around the theme park while experiencing high speed, quick turns, and plenty of excitement. As if that doesn’t sound thrilling enough, you will also be trying to shoot targets with a laser gun to rack up as many points as possible. Smoky Mountain Snowpark is also home to Tennessee’s largest outdoor snow tubing hill, so be sure to stick around to check it out as well!

Are you ready to take flight with the exciting rides in Pigeon Forge? Take a look at all the exciting attractions in the Smoky Mountains that are waiting for you! We look forward to welcoming you to the Smokies!