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Crossroads Ministries 2013 Gatlinburg TN

View of downtown GatlinburgCrossroads Ministries is hosting a gathering of people on January 18th, 2013 through January 21, 2013 at the Gatlinburg, TN Convention Center. They are hosting a number of specialized events and activities. The goal of the Crossroads Ministries gathering is to help visitors to the event socialize with each other as well as better themselves physically and spiritually. The event is open to all ages.

There are a variety of activities scheduled during this event. These activities include fellowship, aerobics. weight-lifting, athletics, and other various programs.  Discussion, socialization, and the exchange of ideas is important because they contribute positively to the community. As such, fellowship will be offered to visitors of the event who wish to participate.

Many physical activities are planned for the Crossroads Ministries event. Athletics are an important part of learning teamwork and bettering ourselves and our lives. Weight-lifting and aerobics are among the physical activities that are scheduled for this event.

If you choose to attend the Crossroads Ministries event, and do not live in the immediate area, you may later find yourself thinking about what to do in Gatlinburg. The city is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Because of this, there are many outdoorsy activities for families to partake in during visits.

Hiking and trail walking are healthy family friendly activities to enjoy. There are many nature trails with excellent scenery in the area just waiting to be utilized. Fishing is another family friendly activity that the area is known for. Looking out over the sparkling mountain waters while bonding with friends and family is an amazing way to unwind at the end of the day.

If you’re looking more for indoor activities, there are many to choose from. These include but are not limited to laser tag, golf, putt-putt, rope climbing, ice skating, Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, and the movies. These activities are always available in the area.

The Crossroads Ministries will provide many days of fun and fellowship for attendees. It will be an excellent way to boost physical, social, and spiritual needs. The event will be held at the Gatlinburg, Tennessee Convention Center which is located at 234 Airport Road in Gatlinburg, TN.