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Head Underground for a Cool Cave Experience

The next time you head to The Smoky Mountains for vacation, consider spending some time underground. Not for mining or graveyard purposes, but for a real cool family experience. Completely confused? How about if I tell you the place is forbidden?

Forbidden Caverns is just one of the more than 8,300 caves found in Tennessee, the most in the U.S. Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans used the cave as a shelter in the winter and the crystal-clear water from the river in it for drinking. It is believed the water comes from an underground lake beneath English Mountain. The cave has all sorts of formations growing up and down. It got its name from an Indian legend that said a princess was lost “in a hollow mountain of two streams… which is forbidden”. From the early 1920’s until the 1940’s, moonshiners used the cave to make whiskey.

After three years of excavation and development, Forbidden Caverns opened in 1967. The temperature stays at a cool 58 degrees
year-round; the trails are lighted and there are handrails where needed. With lighting and sound effects, the tour guides give you an experience that uses all your
senses as you learn about chimneys, grottos and the unusual formations. Of course there is a souvenir shop, along with a picnic pavilion and refreshments.
Just think, you can tell your friends you had a cool, forbidden experience underground on your last vacation. That should raise a few eyebrows.

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