Coming Soon: Smoky Mountain Subway

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View of downtown GatlinburgSmoky Mountain visitors should prepare to say goodbye to the beloved Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg trolley systems. Why? Because getting around the Great Smoky Mountains is about to become a whole lot easier!

Sevier County has announced plans to construct a state of the art public transportation system known as the Smoky Mountain Subway. For a small cost, the subway system will take visitors throughout the area, offering hundreds of stops along the way, just like the trolleys.

Unlike the traditional subway system, this transportation will provide a unique experience for each visitor. Offering scenic underground mountain views, free water and stale crackers, visitors will be able to travel throughout the Smokies in style. The towns plan to phase out the trolley systems over the course of the next six months, while the construction begins for the new subway system.

Below, you can find some details about the new subway system, projected to open in time for visitors to see the fall colors in early to late October

Cost to Ride the Smoky Mountain Subway (Per Rider)

  • To Dollywood or Dolly’s Splash Country: $13.00
  • To Wears Valley: $10.00
  • To the Arts and Crafts Community: $17.00
  • Gatlinburg Welcome Center: $11.00
  • To the National Park (Sugarlands Visitor Center): $15.00
  • All Day Pass: $25.00

*Please note that each ride may take up to 30 minutes between stops. No restrooms are located on the trains.

Rides on the Smoky Mountain Subway are available 24 hours per day, 363 days per year. The Subway will be closed in observance of Earth Day and Christmas Day.

Lucky for you, you won’t be forced to ride on the Smoky Mountain Subway. This is an April Fools’ Day joke, and we would never want anything to replace our awesome Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg trolley systems!

The Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg trolleys provide the best form of transportation, at incredibly low costs. To ride the Pigeon Forge trolley for a full day, you can purchase a wristband for only $2.50. In addition, other stops can cost as low as $.50 per ride. When you ride the trolleys, you can also experience the beautiful sights of the Smoky Mountain area, including stunning mountain views as you explore the Parkways. We think all of that is much better than an ‘underground view!’

If you enjoyed this post, scroll to the bottom and tell us your favorite thing about riding the trolleys!

To start planning your Smoky Mountain vacation, take a look at Visit My Smokies’ ‘Where to Stay’ page. Whether you’re looking for a cabin, chalet or bed and breakfast, you can see all of the accommodations throughout Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.


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16 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Smoky Mountain Subway

  1. Avatar for Madeline Humphreys
    Madeline Humphreys says:

    you all just scared the living daylights out of me….thoughts of losing my beloved trolley rides was heartbreaking…and the joke was on me…good one…but so happy it was a joke…shewwww….need a cold washclothe now to place on my forehead….thought i was going to faint when i first read this….

  2. Avatar for Rodney Hayes
    Rodney Hayes says:

    When our son was small we camped at Fort Wear Campground (now part of Claibough’s). My son always waited for the trolley’s to come through and he would yell “Trolley, Trolley, Trolley” every time one came around the lot. All of the trolley drivers would wave and smile as he stood by the road until they left. Still precious memories for us!

  3. Avatar for trixie53
    trixie53 says:

    I love the trolleys….it’s fun to get around and very convienant….best part of coming to the area, besides the mountains, great food, and hospitalbe people, is riding the trolley….glad you are not replacing them

  4. Avatar for James Brady
    James Brady says:

    When i read the part that says, “Offering scenic underground mountain views, free water and stale crackers,” I knew something was wrong. Also I knew such a system would never pay for it’s self.

  5. Avatar for Earlene J. Bray
    Earlene J. Bray says:

    My family already complains about all the construction in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville ruining the area. This would be awful. I knew the stale crackers made it a joke.

  6. Avatar for Renae Parrish
    Renae Parrish says:

    You scared me. I was trying to figure out why I would ride a subway below the ground when all of the beauty of above the ground.

  7. Avatar for Bobby Wiggins
    Bobby Wiggins says:

    It’s bad enough that the mountains are getting loaded with cabins more and more every year. Have you ever listened to the Eagles song “The Last Resort”? That’s exactly what is happening to the Smokies. It’s a disgrace that people can’t see the importance of conservation because of greed for money and profit. Your completely ruining a gift from God. Build your subway, count your money and I hope one day they see what they are doing is wrong.

    • Avatar for Lou Miller
      Lou Miller says:

      The answer is $$$$. With the exception of a few tree-huggers, most people consider the most beautiful thing to be the jobs and money brought in by increased tourism and development. MOST people like living INDOORS, with INSIDE plumbing, and taking a bath once a day instead of once a month. Feel free to get back to nature, but I’ll stay in my air-conditioned cabin.

  8. Avatar for Amy
    Amy says:

    SO GLAD THIS WAS A JOKE!! The best thing for my family is that any of the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg trolleys we have ever rode have been Autistic Friendly 🙂 They have become one of my daughters favorite activities while in the area 🙂 And the only public transportation we’ve ever got her to ride 🙂

  9. Avatar for Kathy Henry
    Kathy Henry says:

    I think the trolley system is awesome especially with wonderful drivers such as the Judge, Joe Lynch, Lynn Johnson and Janice Wallen

  10. Avatar for Lou Miller
    Lou Miller says:

    “Small Cost”? Hey, from the looks of this they have been talking to the Streetcar advocates in Cincinnati. Pay huge prices to take you where no decent person wants to go, and to easily transport thugs downtown so they can more conveniently rob working people.

  11. Avatar for Amy
    Amy says:

    Before I found out it was a joke, I was already making MY plans to DRIVE around the area like I always do. LOL

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