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Man shooting a gun at the indoor shooting range in Sevierville

Take a Look Inside: Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville

Locally owned business, Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville, is becoming a hot spot for locals and visitors to the area. With 11 shooting lanes and a variety of rental firearms available, the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range is a great place to spend an hour or two of your day, doing something a little bit different than the other attractions in the area.

We decided to take a tour of the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range with owner Ted Jordan. To get the full experience, take a look at the video below:

Meredith:  Hi, I’m Meredith with Visit My Smokies, and today we’re at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range right here in Sevierville, Tennessee.  We’re here to take an insider’s look into recreational shooting in the Great Smoky Mountains.  And with me today is Ted Jordan; he is the owner of the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range and also a gun enthusiast.

Ted:  Thanks for coming out today Meredith.

Meredith:  Thanks so much for having us.  So, I have a couple questions for you.  I understand that locals come here to shoot, but also tourists as well.  Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Ted:  We do get a lot of tourists that come.  The folks that are here on vacation are sometimes looking for a break from the normal activities there in town, and so they’ll come on over and bring their pistols and shoot with us, or we have rental guns available.  The ladies love to do some shopping.  We’ve got a good selection of concealed carry purses, and some apparel that we offer.  And occasionally we have training classes from one of our local law enforcement officers that teaches those for us.  So, lots of stuff to do here.

Meredith:  So that’s everything from the novice all the way up to the, like I say, gun enthusiast like yourself.  Well what a fun and unique thing to do if this wasn’t necessarily something that you did all the time, and perfect for say a rainy day…

Ted:  It is, it is…Target with bullet holes at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville

Meredith:  …in the Smoky Mountains.

Ted:  …always dry in here.

Meredith:  Okay, so before we get started, could you tell me a little bit more about your facility?

Ted:  Yes.  We’ve got a great lounge here.  If you’re coming with someone and you’re not shooting, we’ve got a great lounge to hang out.  Several comfy couches, a TV, I always keep a pot of coffee on and magazines to read.  Another neat thing that a lot of folks take advantage of is our meeting room where you can have birthday parties, corporate events, come shoot with your co-workers and things along that line.

Meredith:  Okay. Now I’m ready, I think, to pick out my target.

Ted:  Alright, let’s go.

Meredith:  Okay.

Ted:  Our most popular is the red center mass right over here.

Meredith:  Okay, that sounds good.

Ted:  Alright, now we get to pick out a gun or two.

Gun with ammo sitting on a table at the shooting range in SeviervilleMeredith:  Okay.

Ted:  So we have everything from revolvers that are in .22 up to Dirty Harry revolvers in the .357 to all sort of semi-autos, ranging, again, from .22 up to .45 ACP.

Meredith:  Okay.

Ted:  Want to try a couple different ones?

Meredith:  A couple different ones.  Dirty Harry sounds good to me.

Ted:  Alright.  Travis, could you hand us that big stainless Smith & Wesson.  Alright, and how about one of the newest most popular things out, the Glock 42 in the .380.

Meredith:  Okay, sounds good.

Ted:  Meredith, I’d like to introduce you to one of our instructors.  This is Mike.

Meredith:  Hi Mike.

Mike:  Hi Meredith, I’m Mike Voncannon.  I’m one of the instructors here at the range.

Meredith:  Okay, well I’m ready to shoot.

Mike:  Okay.

Ted:  Let’s go.

Meredith:  Okay.

Mike:  Guns come in several different thicknesses, and people with smaller hands generally need a thinner gun.

Meredith:  Okay.

Mike:  So, hold your right hand out like this, and what you’re going to do is put the pistol in that V between your thumb and index fingers, and then wrap your fingers around it, and then right thumb on top of left thumb just like that.  And then once you do that, just put smooth steady pressure on it, just press, press, press, press, press…


Meredith:  Yeah!9mm ammunition for a gun to shoot at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range

Meredith:  Ted, thank you so much for having us today.

Ted:  Appreciate you coming out. This was some mighty fine shooting you did.

Meredith:  Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was informative. Mike, the instructor, was so informative. I learned a lot.  He said stress relief, definite stress relief.  It was a lot of fun.  If you have not come down to Sevier Indoor Shooting Range, you must come see us. Sevierville, Tennessee.  Bye!

Rates at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville

You can shoot for $14 per hour with each additional shooter costing $7 per lane (limit 3 people per lane).

If you plan to travel to the area regularly, you may also be interested in purchasing a membership. You can learn more about memberships by visiting their website.

Gun rentals cost $8/day with a 2nd same day gun costing $6.

Hours of Operation for the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville

The shooting range is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The shooting range in Sevierville is closed on Sundays.

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