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Skydiving Near Pigeon Forge TN

Couple skydivingIf you are wanting to add some excitement to your next vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains one ultimate way to do that is to plan skydiving near Pigeon Forge. Does the idea of skydiving interest and excite you but leave you scratching your head when you try and decide what type of skydive is right for you? Luckily the eastern Tennessee area is ripe with all sorts of skydiving options that will work for any thrill-seeker, no matter what their comfort level.

The first option for skydiving located right in Pigeon Forge itself is the Flyaway Indoor Skydive company. Flyaway Indoor offers a great experience for beginners and even experts looking to work on their form. Located inside a massive vertical wind-tunnel, the Indoor Skydive works by outfitting its flyers with specially designed baggy flight-suits that catch the powerful air blown through the tunnel lifting their customers and letting them experience the feeling of flight. Flyaway Indoor Skydive charges thirty-four dollars to get in for the first three minutes, but for all three minute blocks after that the price drops to twenty-two dollars. Group rates are also available, and the website offers coupons as well so make sure to shop around and find the package that’s right for you. Another thing to keep in mind at this site is that due to the limitations of their equipment there are weight restrictions in place, so be sure that all the members of your party are aware before you head off.

If the idea of skydiving in a wind tunnel doesn’t seem to appeal to the adrenaline junkie in you, then a more traditional approach to skydiving can be found just 1.7 miles off of I-40 exit 412 at Skydive East Tennessee. There are several things you need to be sure of before you can jump out of a plane here though. Among the conditions listed are such precautions as making sure you are in proper physical health, booking in advance, and making sure you have between six to eight hours free to complete the required jump school certification. The price for your first tandem-jump range to expect is 220-270 dollars with the option to add on a 75 dollar video recording of your jump. For the true thrill-seeker, there isn’t any substitute for the feeling of free-fall.

In East Tennessee there is certainly no shortage of skydiving options for the bold. Whether it’s the feeling of being suspended by nothing more than the air below you, or the sight of the ground rushing up to meet you before you pull the cord rest assured there is something out there that will satisfy the need for adrenaline in even the most hardened adventurers.