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Upside-Down in Pigeon Forge, But On Purpose

So you’re driving through Pigeon Forge TN, noticing all the attractions when suddenly you do a double-take. What is that building doing upside down? And more importantly, what is going on inside it?

Wonderworks is a place to challenge your mind and body. For starters, when you walk in, everything is upside down. So you have to get your bearings straight before you begin your journey. There are more than 100 hands-on exhibits to enjoy. You can feel hurricane-force winds, experience an earthquake, get in a bubble, climb an
indoor ropes course, and lots more.

Want more? How about extreme 360 bikes, a rock-climbing wall, a sound lab where you can experience 3D sound, virtual air hockey, or a replica space suit? Maybe you’ve always wanted to stand on pitcher’s mound and throw a pitch to Barry Bonds? Or lie on a bed of nails? Or use your mind to move a ball across a table? The point is you can do so many things that use your brain and your
muscles. When you leave, you will have a great appreciation of what your body is capable of.

There’s also lazer-tag, a magic show and beginning in July, you can ride in a hot-air balloon above Pigeon Forge. The Wonders of Flight will take as many as 30 guests up to 400 feet in the air. Of course they can accommodate large groups, whether it is a school group, birthday party or corporate event and they have a café and gift shop. Wonderworks is a completely different experience from a normal tourist stop and one that will have you talking about it a long time after you leave.