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New Chofi’s Munchies Restaurant in Sevierville TN Coming Soon

The Smoky Mountains have so many different kinds of cuisines in the area. If you can believe it, even more unique eateries are popping up! So many people are opening restaurants in the area, and we know you can’t wait to try them all! One of the newest selections is Chofi’s Munchies, a new restaurant in Sevierville TN that is coming soon! Learn all about Chofi’s Munchies now:

Chofi’s Munchies

This restaurant in Sevierville TN will specialize in Mexican street food. Chofi’s Munchies will allow guests to create their own delicious snacks. They will have savory and sweet options. While their menu hasn’t been announced yet, Chofi’s will have 7 different flavors of ice cream to choose from and over 70 different toppings for their treats. The possibilities are endless, and their brightly colored dishes will reel you in.

Chofi’s Munchies will have delivery available, as well as a physical storefront. There haven’t been any announcements as to where the restaurant will be located or when it will open, but we will update you as soon as the information is available.

Unique Restaurants in Sevierville TN

Chofi’s Munchies isn’t the only unique eatery that is coming soon or already in Sevierville. You have so many incredible options with interesting food concepts. Keep reading to find out more about other unique restaurants in Sevierville TN:

Roll On In

sushi burritos in to go boxIf you love food fusion, we know you will want to visit Roll On In. This soon-to-open restaurant specializes in Tex Mex and Asian foods. You will be able to try sushi burritos, which are giant sushi rolls filled with your choice of toppings or one of their signature rolls. There are also wonton chips and guacamole, wonton tacos, and sushi donuts.

Leora’s Kitchen

Leora’s Kitchen is another place you’ll want to try. This restaurant is a chef’s table concept. You are able to make a reservation for a private meal with the chef, and he creates a delicious meal. As of now, the restaurant is serving breakfast and lunch and is currently taking reservations for private dinners.

Thai Basil

There is no other place quite like Thai Basil in the Smokies. It is a locally owned Thai restaurant in the area. You will be able to try traditional dishes, such as Pad Thai, Pad See-Ew, a variety of Thai curries, and so much more. If you want something a little different on your next trip, you should definitely eat at Thai Basil!

Healthy Balance Meals

turkey wrapAnother unique restaurant in Sevierville TN is Healthy Balance Meals. It can be hard to find meals that are focused on healthy eating, but this is the perfect restaurant for delicious, healthy food. They have buffalo chicken salad, a burrito bowl, chicken salad, and a superfood salad. You will find a chicken pesto sandwich, Mediterranean veggie panini, a better burger, and all kinds of other sandwiches. There’s also soup, chili, and wraps you can try. In addition to having a dine-in restaurant, Healthy Balance Meals has take-home frozen meals where all you have to do is heat them up, and you have a delicious healthy meal ready to go!

We know you will want to try Chofi’s Munchies and all of these other restaurants in Sevierville TN. Want to check out some other places to eat? Look through these restaurants in the Smoky Mountains to find the perfect place to eat on your next trip!