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black bear on deck of cabin in Gatlinburg

Small Dog Runs Off Black Bear in Gatlinburg (Video Included!)

Visitors to the Smoky Mountains got a surprise visit from a black bear during their vacation, but their dog wasn’t in the welcoming mood. A video surfaced on the internet showing a small dog chasing a bear off of a cabin deck. The bear had gotten on the deck to dig through the trash left outside, but was eventually run off by the guests’ dog. Watch the video below and learn more about bear safety:

Guests’ Dog Runs Off Black Bear in Gatlinburg

Guests staying in a Gatlinburg cabin were in for a surprise when they looked outside to see a black bear on their deck digging through their trash. But it was their dog who came to the rescue! In the video, you can hear the small dog start to bark before running into the camera’s view. The dog eventually ran the bear off of the cabin’s deck, and no one was harmed. The manager of the cabin said the dog felt like a hero!

Bear Safety While Staying in Gatlinburg Cabins

The number one thing to remember when you stay in a Gatlinburg cabin, or anywhere in the Smoky Mountains, is to keep your trash secured at all times. In this instance, the guests had left the trash on the porch for just a few minutes while they gathered the rest of their garbage, but that was all the time it took for the bear to climb on the porch. Take a look at more bear safety tips for when you stay in a cabin:

Garbage Storage:

bear proof trash cans outsideAs we mentioned before, keeping your trash secured at all times is the most important step to take to prevent bears from paying a visit to your cabin. Be sure you always throw your garbage away in your cabin’s designated garbage can. It also helps to wash recyclable cans, bottles, and jars thoroughly because any bits of leftover food can attract the bears and other critters. Once you throw away your trash, make sure the trash can is secured so bears can’t access the garbage.

Clean the Grill:

One of the best parts about staying at a Gatlinburg cabin is making use of the outdoor grill to enjoy a cookout with family and friends. The one thing to keep in mind when you do this, however, is to clean the grill thoroughly after you’re finished. Any food scraps that are left on the grill, as well as the smell of the food, will attract the bears.

Black bear hiding in the Smoky MountainsStay Away from the Bear:

If you see a bear near your cabin, stay away. For both you and the bear’s safety, you should stay at least 50 yards away at all times. As tempting as it may be to get closer so you can capture the perfect picture or video, you would be putting you and the black bear in danger.

What to Do if You Encounter a Black Bear in Gatlinburg

This year, bears are traveling further than usual out of the park, so it’s not a surprise that more and more sightings of black bears in Gatlinburg are occurring. If you do happen to see a black bear in Gatlinburg during your vacation, here’s what you should do:

Keep a safe distance:

black bear in the smoky mountainsYou always want a safe distance between you and the bear. If you are too close for comfort, back away slowly without making any sudden movements. Do not run from the bear. More often than not, the bear will ignore you and continue on its way.

Remain watchful:

Pay attention to the bear’s behavior if it recognizes you. If it changes its behavior, whether that means it starts watching you or changes its travel direction, then you know you’re too close. If you slowly increase the distance between yourself and the bear, it is likely to leave you alone. If it continues to follow of approach you, try changing your direction, then talk loudly or shout to intimidate it if it continues to get closer. Never run or turn your back on the bear.

For more tips on what to do if you see a black bear in Gatlinburg, read our blog, “4 Smoky Mountain Black Bear Safety Tips You Need to Know.”

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