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Scenic road in Cades Cove that visitors can enjoy on a Smoky Mountain vacation.

6 Reasons a Smoky Mountain Vacation Will Make You Better at Your Job

Are you ready for a Smoky Mountain vacation? Believe it or not, a vacation to the mountains can actually make you better at your work! Here’s how:

1. You’re probably wasting vacation days.

Chances are, you’ve been given paid vacation days. Did you know, in 2013, Americans wasted 169 million vacation days? After you add that up, that’s about 52.4 billion (yes, billion!) dollars of wasted, paid vacation time! So, it’s time to stop giving your employer “free” work days when you could be taking advantage of the vacation benefits.

2. You’re not inspired by your office environment.Beautiful stream in the Smoky Mountains during fall.

So, you’re wasting vacation days, but you’re not even spending your office time in an environment where you’re inspired. The typical office environment is actually quite the opposite from inspiring, so you’re really paying to stay in that same environment throughout the entire year. Even if you would consider your office environment to be inspiring, it’s much more inspiring to spend time somewhere outside of your day to day routine.

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3. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone for a little while.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can help you be more productive, creative and focused. Spending time closed in an office can get exhausting, right? Well, it’s time to get out of that closed office space where you’re comfortable from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days each week. Even if you’re not sitting behind a desk all day, odds are, you’re workspace has still made you comfortable. Getting away from that comfort will help you relax and expand your imagination.

Happy couple with backpacks and poles hiking in the woods.4. A change of environment will give you a boost of creativity.

If getting away from work for a few days isn’t enough, then you should know that a change of environment will help give you a boost of creativity. Stepping away to experience new restaurants, attractions and things to do will help you be more creative in your workplace.

5. Your health is counting on it.

Getting outside of your day to day routine will help your health. First, when you visit the Smoky Mountain area, there’s plenty of exercise that you’ll get when you go hiking in the national park. And when you’re on Smoky Mountain vacation, you probably notice that you spend more time being active, whether that’s walking, hiking or just being away from your desk for a few hours.

6. You’ll return to work more focused and ready to work.Happy family enjoying the views from the deck of their log cabin.

Finally, when you return to work after vacation, you’ll be much more focused, creative and ready to work. Instead of dragging into the office, you’ll be ready to make your way to work and you’ll be focused.

Sometimes, it helps to take a break, step away from work for a few days, or even a few hours, and experience something new. We can help you with every step of the planning process for your vacation, so you can get away from that day to day routine and get out of your comfort zone for a little while. It’s easy to plan a vacation with our help, so start by taking a look at our Smoky Mountain vacation rentals.